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Itchy Cold Feet

December 23, 2010

I’m flying from Heathrow on Boxing Day, going abroad to work for a few weeks. That’s if our recent spell of arctic weather abates of course. I’ll be somewhere hot, a few places actually, and should be back by mid-January. I’ve already packed the sunscreen and mozzie repellent, woop woop.

The last time I saw the Albion play was our draw against FC United at Withers on the 28th November! I’ve been starved of my weekly football fix. Normal weblog proceedings will resume the minute I get home, as will my supporting duties. Have a smashing Xmas anyone reading this, and I’ll be back soon. Merry Christmas.

A casual buy no. 31

December 22, 2010

Proper Magazine has been going for five years now. It started as a typically amateurish fanzine in Stockport, only amateur in production values mind, as the guys who write for it were/are definitely clued up. Nowadays the mag is a professional periodical that dressers and such shouldn’t really go without. Issue Ten is just out, it’s the fattest, most informative, and best edition so far. You can buy a copy here at Propermag’s excellent website.

I think Peggs & Son stock the mag too, go along to their new shop on Duke Street, Brighton, it’s ace.

A casual buy no. 30

December 20, 2010

I managed to capture this Christmassy scene above while walking though the park near my home in Hove. I stopped to take a shot of my new Penfield Sanford bobble hat, and Bambi’s muckers came out to say hello.

The Sanford hat is a truly iconic piece of headwear, unmistakable. I’m not a great wearer of hats, but with the weather being the way it’s been lately, a good woolly head cosy is the only way forward. Just a word of warning, the Sanford is rather large, if you don’t like to be noticed, buy summat else.

The Empire Strikes Back: Stone Island Part 2

December 18, 2010

The second episode is dedicated to the experimental dyeing facility, a sophisticated colour workshop, where all the phases of the garment dyeing treatments are fine tuned. This know how is one of the company’s greatest assets and, since the very beginning, has set Stone Island apart on the sportswear scene.

Here’s the second video installment from the Stone Island HQ in Ravarino, Italy. Moving on from Carlo Rivetti’s introduction, this episode focuses on the dyeing process of an individual SI jacket. As those of you who know know, it’s the idiosyncratic treatment of fabrics that sets Stone Island apart from other fashion houses. Always innovative, cutting edge, quirky, Stone Island are still in a league of their own.

A nutty xmas in the beautiful south

December 16, 2010

I went to the Brighton Centre last night to watch Madness, supported by Paul Heaton. It was a great gig, Heaton’s voice is as sweet as ever, and the nutty boys are still great fun. The hall was full of superannuated skins and ska-boys, all singing and dancing. Here’s a few shots I took on my pretty awful Nikon compact, I should have taken the Lumix instead, hey ho.

A casual buy no. 29

December 12, 2010

This year I’ve been slowly putting weight on, to the point where some of my regular jeans are getting a tad tight around the arse and thigh. It’s even spread to my neck, I tried a couple of shirts on and found it uncomfortable to do the top button up, not good that.

I’ve decided to go on a pre-Xmas starvation diet, and recently I went cyber-hunting for loose and over-sized raw denim, just in case I fall back into bad habits. Seriously though, I was well into the ‘baggy’  look back in 88-90, shaking my big goofy strides to the funky drummer beat, so I really wanted a good pair of proper loose fit jeans, for old time’s sake.

First (and usually last) stop for high quality jeanage is Japanese denim experts Edwin. I did a bit of research, asked a few bods in the know, searched online for photos, then stockists, and went for this pair of Edwin ‘Waynesville’. Taking time sussing out information on a hard-to-find item, from forums, the odd online phot, clothing junkie tips on blogs etc invariably pays off when you’re after clobber that isn’t available on the High Street. You need to have an idea of sizing and fit before you buy, as you can’t try the  stuff on beforehand. So, when the postman dropped these Waynesvilles off a fortnight ago they were perfect. A quick jump into the shower with them on to flush out the excess indigo and on they went.

I love the crisp, rough feeling of raw selvedge denim jeans, especially during their first few wears, you’re taming the material, giving it memory with every crease your body makes in them. These initial creases will stay with them forever, and with repeated wear the indigo will fade uniquely to your body shape – uniqueness, the paramount goal in this casual thing of ours.

Huddersfield 2 – 1 Albion

December 11, 2010

I didn’t make the long trip up to Yorkshire, I’m keeping the old readies for Xmas instead. We missed ANOTHER penalty, fucking Murray this time, couldn’t defend a lead for longer than one minute, can’t defend set pieces. You don’t win leagues missing five penalties in quick succession. It’s not all doom and gloom though, Southampton got tonked at home. The lead at the top is now down to three points, as The Gus Poyet Express runs out of steam and slews across the tracks and into the sidings. It’s hotting up at the top of League One, I hope we can hang around long enough to still be in the mix next May.

Npower League One table

Saturday, 11 December 2010 17:03 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full Npower League One table
1 Brighton 19 16 36
2 Sheff Wed 20 17 33
3 Huddersfield 19 10 32
4 Charlton 18 7 32
5 Bournemouth 19 15 30
6 Colchester 19 2 30
7 Oldham 18 6 29
8 Peterborough 19 -2 29
9 Southampton 19 8 28
10 Brentford 19 2 28
11 Carlisle 19 6 27
12 Hartlepool 18 -3 26
13 Exeter 19 -6 26
14 MK Dons 19 -7 26
15 Plymouth 19 -4 25
16 Leyton Orient 19 1 24
17 Swindon 19 -3 24
18 Rochdale 19 1 22
19 Notts County 18 -5 22
20 Tranmere 19 -8 22
21 Bristol R 19 -11 22
22 Dag & Red 19 -11 18
23 Yeovil 19 -16 16
24 Walsall 18 -15 14


December 10, 2010

The Chrimbo edition of The Seagull Love Review will be available to buy at the Huddersfield game tomorrow, so be on the lookout for the chaps selling it around the ground. Now is the most exciting time for our one and only fanzine, and when the Albion step up a level next year, with the new stadium and hopefully Championship football, it will need a thriving fanzine to be a proper BIG club. So please, dig out your loose change and part with a miserly one pound to support it. Usual stuff in there from yours truly, a taster below

FC United of Manchester 0 – 4 Albion

December 8, 2010

We finally got past our non-league opponents, but it took two replays to beat Woking, then FCUM. At least we did it with a bit of style tonight at Gigg Lane, Bury. I watched this game in my local, two screens one side of the bar had the Abion match on, and the two on the other side had the Arsenal Champions League game. There were 20-30 watching our lot, and two blokes sneaked in after twenty minutes to watch the Arsenal. 30-2 to grassroots football then. Cosmic.

Elliott Bennett was brilliant tonight, he more than made up for his penalty miss in the first game, man of the match. So it’s Pompey next in round three, that is a winnable game for me, I’m looking forward to hosting the skates at Withers. Game on.

Fugue for a Monday morning

December 6, 2010

This morning I’m off to the gym to throw a few weights around, I’m in a bit of a bad mood, so the best thing to listen to is, oddly enough, The Fall. Not many people would think of The Fall as gym iPod music, but I find Mark E Smith’s mysanthropic howl the perfect accompaniment to an angry weights session.

I got into The Fall late, around 1996, it coincided with my first year at university, and I took to them with the full weight of cod-angst that seems to inflict all those who initially take up full-time education. Yes, I was a student bellend. But, since then, I have grown to love MES and his ever-changing line-up of musicians with all my heart. They are truly rock ‘n’ roll, and by that I don’t mean they wear spandex and drive limos into hotel pools; The Fall are as raw as the day they started in 1976, they will never sell out.

‘Kicker Conspiracy’ is not the best Fall song by a long way, but the video above is interesting for couple of reasons – it’s (nominally – all Smith’s lyrics are arcane) about football hooliganism, and it was filmed at Turf Moor in 1983, giving you an idea how real football grounds used to look in the golden days before the Premier League, prawn sandwiches, and Sky Television. As one commenter on YouTube succinctly puts it “smith has predicted how the world will turn out”

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