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It’s been a while…

October 22, 2011

…since I’ve updated this place. I’ve been busy elsewhere, and even though the Crystal Slum game was a choker (well done nifty fifty mate), it’s not the reason I’ve been avoiding updating the blog.

I got bored, match reports are ok if you’re Andy Naylor out of the Argus, I’m not and I think the writing was getting repetitive – even with the ‘A casual buy’ thread. Also, I forgot to set up payment for, missed the warnings from the web hosts to re-pay, and lost the domain, that’s why I’m now at, and I’ve lost loads of readers because of it, but I’m not arsed, if they really want to find my shit they will (they probably won’t).

So, I’m away again from this weekend, meaning this will be the last new post for a while, here’s what I’ve been up to. Doing the cover for TSLR 33 (the best fanzine yet, coming after our disgrace v Palarse – that shows you that the best literature is inspired by human tragedy/comedy). Buying Propermag 11 (also best yet, my muckers Mark & Neil from Stockport have the best product of its kind out there – the ad for the compilation edition of The End nearly had me fainting with delight, it’s the Holy Grail for fanzine anoraks), and my latest commodity fetish addition: this Nespresso coffee maker (how very aspiring middle class of me). I’m a real Hove resident now with this sat in the kitchen, posh facker etc. I’ve knocked 3 in me today already and I’m like Buzz Lightyear on whizz.

So, that’s the long and short of it. The Hovian has had a sabbatical from posting shite on here, and will be off for a longer sojourn soon too. I will be back, but the blog will change. How? I’m not 100% sure yet. Swally Ho.


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