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Checking in, fanzine’s out

November 17, 2011

Hello rat fans. I’m still far and away from home shores, but I’ve just got interweb facilities, so I’m checking up on all things Albion.

TSLR 34 is out this Saturday and available to buy in Scumhampton, home of that lovable South Coast Club – Stains FC. I haven’t seen the Albion lose at St Marys, and I’m not about to start this weekend either; saying that, I do fancy us getting something over there, they can’t keep that 100% home win run going ALL season, can they?

The latest fanzine is in TECHNICOLOUR, although my artwork (see above, that’s meant to be Liam Bridcutt by the way) is still in B&W for the fanzine purists among our TSLR readers.

I hope to be home again sometime before Xmas, but I haven’t a clue when. Good luck to those who are going to the match on Saturday, and make sure you put ONE POUNDAGE into the pocket of your nearest TSLR vendor.


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