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Chrimbo reading

December 14, 2011

Burnley on Saturday is my first visit to Falmer since West Ham in October, shocking. There are new ‘Christmas Pies’ for sale at the ground, but more importantly The Seagull Love Review (TSLR) number 35 is out as well. The only BHAFC fanzine has really taken off since the move from Withdean, it seems the nu-fans also enjoy an irreverent Albion-ish read on the bog too. And why not? It’s a damn good read.

The mag will be for sale in and around the concourse outside, and it’s still just one pound a copy, great value. If like me you’re a bad fan and miss too many games, you can buy a copy online at TSLR’s blog.

As for the match itself, it’s a tough one, Burnley have a decent away record, and the Albion – well, we’re still adjusting to this division, there’s a big gulf between the Championship and League One. Accepting 7th place at this point would seem prudent, but when the scummers are doing so well it makes you wonder “What happened?”. But, we’re stalking the play-offs nicely, although I think even they might be a bridge too far this campaign.

Enjoy the match and buy the fanzine, Forza!!

Scouse mags and TK Maxx hunts

December 5, 2011

I just missed the Forest game on Saturday, travelling back home from work as I was. Seems the team have picked up again since I’ve been away. Win games even when you play bad – that just might keep us in with a shout of the play-offs, but I can’t see us thereabouts unless we get the whole squad back competing for places. To be honest we were a bit lucky with injuries last season. Our squad depth has been shown up at this level. Consolidate in the Championship this term, then have a tilt at the promotion slots next season would suit me fine.

I’ve been shopping lately since getting back too, I picked up these Gorilla Boots in TK Maxx for £40, and they beat shoes six times more expensive, very smart & comfortable. That new TK at the Clock Tower will get regular visits from now on. You’ve got to search like a Bombay bin hoker, but the odd quality label is lurking in among the dross.

The other buy is something I’ve always wanted to own, but it has only now been released as a complete issue – The End fanzine. Let me put it like this, when you pick up any fanzine at a match, a lad’s or music mag, you are reading something that was ultimately inspired by this legendary 1980s Liverpool ‘zine. It influenced everything in the new culture of ‘casual’ and went on to influence the mainstream media too. Scallys, Teds, Joe Wag, In’s and Out’s – The End brought them all to the wider music/beer/football crowd’s attention.

I only ever saw one original edition, in London in 1988, when a scouse mate had one in his bag and he flipped it to me to read. I’d never seen anything like it, and I’ve always wanted to get hold of all 20 issues, but it remained elusive, a legend spoke about in hushed tones among fanzine circles. Not anymore. It is a great read, and captured the very essence of ‘casual’ as it was back then, they were the first lot to be really ITK (In The Know). Pick a copy up here.


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