Ditchling dandering


I see a fine football stadium thar

This is the last set of photos I took from rambling on the South Downs back in March, when it was unseasonably balmy. What a crap June in contrast. I’ll be walking a lot more now I’m back home from work, and of course sampling the fine pubs and ales you encounter dandering along the most beautiful part of the country.

Leaving Ditchling and approaching the Beacon

This was a big long hike, starting from Ditchling itself, then heading straight up the downs onto Ditchling Beacon. I remember driving up the hill when the Albion were still playing at Withdean, but the new stadium at Falmer was almost finished. The shock at seeing the curved roofs of the Amex from the top of the hill, was soon followed by excitement at moving there after that summer. The stadium fitted beautifully into the surrounding landscape, making a mockery of those fucking bellends – the NIMBYS on Lewes District Council – who said the Downs would be ‘ruined’. A plague on all their houses still, who knows where BHAFC would be now if we’d been moved in earlier than 2011? Bastards.

The view north east halfway up

But I’m getting off topic – rambling around Ditchling. After heading west along the spine of the Downs from spotting Falmer, the view either side is probably the best in Sussex. Then it’s a long, lonely dog leg south to the remote Chattri War Memorial, a fine site, and great place for reflection – no more greater compliment can be paid to the Indian troops who fought and were wounded in WWI, than making this place a perfect meditation spot. The views toward Brighton are worth the extra miles alone.

The vintage rallies still love to come over the Downs at Ditchling

Next up was the Jack & Jill Windmills overlooking Clayton and the north. Finally footsore and gagging for a beer, you head east, then north, down the steep north side of the Downs and into The Bull, on Ditchling’s High Street. A ¬†fine traditional pub, with superb ales on tap. None better than this pint of Dark Star’s Sussex Stout. Forget that Guinness keg muck, this surprisingly light stout is just what a thirsty walker requires after 8 miles over the Downs at Ditchling. Recommended.

Top ‘o the Downs, heading due west

The view at the Chattri War Memorial

Clayton Windmills

Turn left for a pint of……

……this beauty

Best pint I’ve tasted in years

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2 Responses to “Ditchling dandering”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    the chattri,my first wife and I spent hours in that area(we lived in the area) before we were married and there was a rather tuneful Skylark in that area …………..and OMG that was 50 years ago.
    be lucky mate.


  2. The Hovian Says:

    Cheers mate, hope you’re well

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