A casual buy no. 45


As I’ve mentioned before 2012 is the 30th Anniversary of the Italian clothing label Stone Island. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I’m a big fan, probably too big a fan judging by the amount of cash I’ve spunked out on this brand over the years. But there’s no other label like Stone Island, it’s unique in every way, much maligned but at the same much envied and copied, and never bettered at what it does.

During this anniversary year the label is re-issuing some old designs from the early days in the 1980s, they’re also releasing a special ’30/30′ jacket that incorporates all the textile innovations that Stone Island are famous for – Raso Gommato, liquid reflective, the thermo-sensitive ice jacket, and Mussola Prismatica. It is really two jackets in one and the RRP will make your eyes water. But I am seriously considering saving up for one, it’s a one-off, looks absolutely stunning, is 100% reversible, and the ’30/30′ means it’s a 30th anniversary jacket that can be worn 30 different ways. It will also be very collectible in years to come, so watch this space.

Much cheaper, and the first anniversary item to be released is the Tela Stella jacket. Back in 1982, the then little known Italian fashion designer Massimo Osti started Stone Island as an offshoot to his already established CP Company brand. Osti had just one fabric – a heavy cotton that was similar to that used for tarpaulins covering military trucks, and six colour dyes to work with. The result was the original Tela Stella. The fabric was impregnated on both sides with contrasting pigment resin, and treated with enzymes to give an effect of wind worn marine oilskins, or well-used military tenting. Military and nautical toughness and durability have been trademark influences on everything Osti did, and those who took up his various labels since.

This 2012 Tela is an exact replica of the first jacket, right down to the buttons, which were actually discovered in a store room in Ravarino, Italy, from the original 1982 batch made for the first jackets. Back then Stone Island stuck the now (in)famous compass rose badge on the chest, and some of the subsequent early collections, which were outlandish in treatment and style, had the compass in even odder parts of garments, until the left upper arm was where it eventually settled.

My only gripe about the new and old 30th anniversary range is the commemorative compass badge, I don’t like the look of it at all. It’s crap. Personally I would have liked the company to have produced the normal SI compass rose, but maybe edged it in matching yellow, similar to the vintage SI with the green edge. It’s a minor fault, and I’ll just wear the clothes with the badge detached.

There’s a book coming out soon too (I’ve pre-ordered it on Amazon) which archives every piece of Stone Island clothing from ’82 – ’12. That will be more than worth a look, and will probably send me screaming through eBay like a demented hunter, but I will fight the urge as long as I can.

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3 Responses to “A casual buy no. 45”

  1. Craig Robinson Says:

    Iv just received my Tela Stella and can’t stop looking at it, I agree with the badge tho it looks shit!! I need a lottery win ASAP !!

    • The Hovian Says:

      I’m glad it’s only an anniversary once in a blue moon, or I’d be skint too, saying that if I’m around for a 50th anniversary I’ll probably buy that as well.

      Thanks for the comment Craig, Cheers

  2. john Says:

    Fair play its a beautie a stand out bit of clobber even for the untrained eye enjoy.
    Take care

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