A casual buy no. 46


This landed at home while I’ve been abroad. A special collaboration between Casual Connoisseur and Tuk Tuk. The former are based in Stockport and make limited edition clothing and accessories from the things that inspire them personally – films, the outdoors, football, clothing, icons, and lots of other eclectic bits of culture. They are also sound lads and good pals of mine. Quality not quantity.

Tuk Tuk is a label I’ve not bought from before, I know they make loads of shirts, and since I already have enough shirts at home to fit out an army of Indian road diggers, I’ve not picked any up before now. Tuk Tuk are inspired by the rich colours and cultures of South Asia, hence the brand name.

The collab came in three different colours of the same style of shirt, I chose the ‘Richardson’ as it looked the best, and anyway, only real men can wear pink and get away with it.

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2 Responses to “A casual buy no. 46”

  1. baronwestoe Says:

    Quality shirt, and in sizes big enough for a larger lad. Goes well with a nice pair of selvedge jeans and desert boots.

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