The bags are packed, the wallet is full of Euros (for those delicious Genovese pesto dishes), the tickets are ready to pick up from Sampdoria Point on Sunday before the match. All I have to do now is brush up on my pidgin Italian and get my (and the Doris’s) arse up to Gatwick tomorrow morning to fly to Genova.

We’ll be taking in the sights of this beautiful old Mediterranean port city and of course I’ll be photographing everything, especially match day at the Marassi. This is a trip I’ve been meaning to do for years now, and it’s finally happening.

Phots will go up here when I get back next week, and expect two different write-ups (with aforementioned phots) in both @tslr and @standamf

Ci vediamo

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  1. John Says:

    Hi I was in Genoa for the Ireland v Romania 1990 world cup game my last game after being there for 3 weeks money was low Genoa was a lot more of a drain on the pocket than the south of Italy.The stadium creates a huge volume of noise and is a beautiful city have a good one.

  2. The Hovian Says:

    Thanks John, it is a beautiful home of football, with flat ‘ends’ as well. I’m buzzing right now & will have problems getting off to sleep tonight, I’m like a big kid.


  3. Hamburg Casual Says:

    Have a good trip. Calcio and tifosi are still exiting nd an experience of its own. I have been to Bologna vs Napoli last year and what a game that was. 10000 Napolitani made their way up north though it was played on Sunday because Napoli played their best season since Maradona left. Unbelievable atmosphere.
    I will go to Genua next year. I intended o go this year but they played away when I was in Italy. Went to Livorno instead which in hindsightwas a sad affair as it was the last game Morosini played for Livorno before he died of a heart attack during the next game only aged 25.
    But still:Buon viaggio

  4. Scraping The Barrell Says:

    Boss mate, have a good one

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