Sampdoria 1 – 1 Torino (Part 2)


More phots of the game itself. Awesome place, even when only two thirds full.

The banner reads “12.30pm – eternal hatred of modern football” because this game was brought forward from 3pm to suit the TV companies scheduling

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11 Responses to “Sampdoria 1 – 1 Torino (Part 2)”

  1. John Says:

    Hi brought back memories wish my pics were as good as yours but that was 22 years ago.The stadium still looks new there is a different set of rules in Italy.Looks like you had a blinder there.
    Take care.

    • The Hovian Says:

      Cheers John, it’s looking pretty old up close, I’m sure it looked fantastic in 1990. The missus wasn’t impressed with the Ladies toilets for one. I explained it was an ‘old school stadium’ i.e. not suited for the ladies. Haha. We both had a great time, and I’m going back next April with a few mates – Fiorentina game.

      Thanks again for the comment

  2. Hamburg Casual Says:

    Really great photos. Capturing exactly the passionate way calcio is celbrated in Italia. Good job.
    Intresting for me is that on the last photo in part 1 is spotting a St Pauli hoodie and the guy is even looking German. But there is a friendship between the ultra group of both clubs.

    • The Hovian Says:

      Hi mate,

      Yes I spotted the guy in the St.Pauli skull & crossbones, but wasn’t 100% sure it was that. St Pauli seem to inspire fans all over, but I personally don’t like to have sport and politics mixed, so they are not for me.
      Ultras Tito are non-political, but Rude Boys Sampdoria are left-wing.


  3. Hamburg Casual Says:

    Just to make that clear. I don´t support St Pauli. I support Altona 93 which is the third team in Hamburg playing now in fifth division after two relegations.
    I just made the remark about the guy with the hoodie because I was astonished to see that in Italy. But you are right they seems to appeal to left-wing people from every place. I have also met a group of Brighton supporters in a pub who where over for a St Pauli match.
    I also don´t like to have politics involved when watching football, so St Pauli isn´t for me though lot of my friends and even the misses supports them. Only exeption is that I always make it cler that I don´t have time for racism or other ignorant forms of thinking.
    Cheers mate

    • The Hovian Says:

      No worries mate. I think I know that group of Brighton fans, nice lads if it is them.
      I don’t like racist/fascist idiots myself, but not a big fan either of a lot of this left wing crowd. Football is the people’s game, not some trendy student gig you can hang your middle class student socialism on. That’s my take on it, I might be talking shit, but I’ve seen ‘St Pauli fans’ out and about here, none of them have been to a football match, ever.

      Anyway, thanks again for the comments


      • Lee Says:

        Enjoyed looking at your photos,I have wanted to go to this stadium since 1990 World Cup.I’m travelling over in February for the genoa v samp game,have you got any tips for getting tickets?At the moment some agencies are charging crazy prices,cheers.

      • The Hovian Says:

        It’s easy, go to Sampdoria Point on Via Cesarea in the city centre, make sure you have your passport with you. They will sell you a match ticket for 21 euros.

      • Lee Says:

        Thanks for you quick reply,is this still possible even if sampdoria are the away team and would it be possible to purchase tickets the day before the game?Cheers

      • The Hovian Says:

        Sorry, didn’t look to see who was at home. Not sure about La Merda or where to buy tickets for their games. You can’t buy away tickets for any Serie A game if you’re a foreigner I’m afraid.

        Sent from my iPad


      • Lee Says:

        Ok,thanks for your help anway,cheers

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