Turin: Part One



Starting our second full day in Turin this morning, so much to do and see in this beautiful Italian city. I’ve taken loads of phots on both my normal camera and the iPhone, so many I thought I’d better start uploading them to here early doors; I know I won’t be arsed when I get home.


Picked the match tickets up for Juve v Samp yesterday, and got seen off for €50 apiece, remember tickets for Samp at home cost €21 each. Juventus are the biggest fish in Serie A, so I guess we were always going to get charged more. The bastards.


Expecting Samp to take a bit of a beating, but with the new manager apparently happy to return the combative fans’ favourite Angelo Palombo to the playing field, it might be a tighter game than predicted. Stay tuned for more updates.





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One Response to “Turin: Part One”

  1. Hamburg Casual Says:

    JUVE MERDA !!! That´s the Italian club I despite the most. That is the ManUre of Italy and even worse. The last football scandal in Italy, which led them to spend a season in Serie B enforced, showed it quite clearly. Not just that they dominate the league at will on the pitch due to their financial advantageand the most prolifed squad – still they have to bribe the whole football establishment from the ordinary ref up to high-profile officials to make sure that they have every decision in their way. And stiill you have people nailing their flag to this corrupt bunch and its shady sucess up and down the country and beyond. I gave up my favorite Italian retaurant in Hamburg when I found out that the whole squad were Juve supporters. F***ing glory-hunters.
    I hope Samdoria smash them, but just like you I very much doubt that. But still it will be a smashing time at Stadio dell`Alpi. I hope you eenjoy your tie in Turin. FORZA SAMPRODIA !!!

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