Turin: Part Two


The River Po

Well, I’m back to work again, just as the Albion have hit form again; Derby was my last live game until April. Here’s the best of the rest of my photos from Turin, as promised. I’ll be pretty quiet on here until April, and then it’s seeing the end of the Championship season in, and another game over in Italy, Sampdoria v Fiorentina. I fancy Albion to sneak the last play-off place, and Samp to stay in Serie A now they have master tactician and player puncher Delio Rossi in charge. Cheers.

The Basilica di Superga, the site of the Grande Torino air disaster in 1949

A shady cove on the banks of the Po

The memorial to Il Grande Torino on the back wall of the Superga Basilica, a very poignant place

Il Grande Torino

Great views from Superga

Result of the shopping in Turin, a nice bit of shiny Moncler, the stylish Torinese are mostly covered in this stuff at this time of year.

La Mole Antonelliana, as seen from the street

The church of the Gran Madre di Dio (one of the sets for the 1969 movie The Italian Job)

The view from the church over the Po and central Turin

The Piazza Castello

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8 Responses to “Turin: Part Two”

  1. John Says:

    Amazing views you were haunted in getting such a game dose not look like I am getting to Turin.You need to be a Celtic season ticket holder to get a ticket at the moment.
    Take care

    • The Hovian Says:

      Cheers, can you not get a ticket for the home seats? I’m sure you can, all you need is your passport.

      • John Says:

        Did not try but the word is the game is sell out and tickets would be hard to get if your not Italian.Celtic would not sell tickets to none ticket holders for the friendly in Amsterdam in the summer my brother had to buy one from Ajax.As a result of something that happened in Udinese.Celtic are doing their best to sanitise the game
        with uefa.

      • The Hovian Says:

        Ah, the old Green Brigade and their banners eh?

      • John Says:

        Fair play your on the ball will football ever return to the norm as we know. I am Irish I can imagine what like for the real football fan in England.

  2. Hamburg Casual Says:

    Seems you had a really good time in Turin. I was really pleased when I looked up the score. I was at the Stadio delle Alpi with Hamburg SV over twenty ago but that was a crap ground not up to the standarts you would expect from a club like Juve. A real improvement here it seems.
    I also like how you showthe city of Turin in this post. Again really good photos on dislay here. Also like your new jacket. Moncler made also a big return in Germany but more with the fashion crowd than on the terraces.
    I am a little bit gutted that you won´t be active until April as I really like your style. Take care Fabian

  3. Derby praca Says:

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