Welcome to Sussex, Oscar


Oscar has landed at Falmer

So, after an epic drama worthy of Tolstoy himself, here we are now, Poyet has been seen off (with the far more sympathetic figure of Mauricio Taricco leaving in his wake) and Brighton have appointed Óscar García Junyent, fresh from winning the Israeli domestic league with Maccabi Tel Aviv.

I’m reasonably happy with how things have panned out, after missing such a horrible end to last season, and the embarrassment of Poyet’s drawn out sacking, it really feels like a new page has been turned in the Albion history book. Tony Bloom has come out of this a lot stronger in the eyes of most Stripes fans, but what of the éminence grise, the shadowy figure of Paul Barber? The jury is still very much out for me, and the more I learn about this guy, the more I can’t but think “Garry Cook, Manchester City”. Enjoy 2013-14, if you’re an Albionite you’ve earned yourself a good season.

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2 Responses to “Welcome to Sussex, Oscar”

  1. glasfryn Says:

    definitely Machiavellian goings on in respect of the demise of Mr Poyet, sadly not a very good end to a very good season, lets hope for a better end under the new gut, he has a good record even if it is a bit short.
    I have only seen a couple of interviews with Mr Barber and I don’t like the man ……can’t put my finger on it but I really don’t like him but hey ho I won’t let that stop me enjoying this season coming up.

    hope you are all OK


    • The Hovian Says:

      Latest news is that Mr Barber has introduced changing the kits every season, mugging the fans off yet again.

      Hope you’re well G, enjoy the season


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