This is the personal blog of a football fan and connoisseur

Twitter : @TheHovian

(Life President Of The Romeo Benetti Fan Club)

4 Responses to “About”

  1. barrell86 Says:

    Very good blog mate, had a nosey through some of the your old entries and I’m impressed. I’m a season ticket holder at Everton but do not worry as I’ve never eaten a prawn butty in me fuckin life haha.
    Keep up the good work, added you to my blogroll

    • The Hovian Says:

      Thanks mate, an Evertonian eh? I used to knock about with a few bluenoses when I was in the army, watched them a couple of times in the late 80s. You’ve got probably the best player in the country right now with Fellaini.

      Thanks for the link and I’ll add you to my blogroll


  2. englishmanincologne Says:

    Love the site mate. Brighton fan, from Hove actually, living in Cologne. Keep up the good work!

  3. MR.M Says:

    hi man your blog is great you are in my links and would like to chat with you about the things we like … my msn is [email protected] goodbye

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