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October 19, 2012

The Seagull Love Review #42 is for sale at Falmer tomorrow at the Middlesbrough game. Still a pound a copy, still the only BHAFC fanzine around, and still going strong. Lots of places to buy a mag around the concourse before the match, just keep your eyes peeled in the 25000 strong crowd (still gets me that, 25K to see the Albion? Not me personally though, I’m abroad once more).

The fanzine will also be available to Albionites everywhere else around the globe via the TSLR website, where you can buy subscriptions, back issues, Build a Bonfire, and other bits and bobs of BHAFC fan culture. Check it out.


A nutty xmas in the beautiful south

December 16, 2010

I went to the Brighton Centre last night to watch Madness, supported by Paul Heaton. It was a great gig, Heaton’s voice is as sweet as ever, and the nutty boys are still great fun. The hall was full of superannuated skins and ska-boys, all singing and dancing. Here’s a few shots I took on my pretty awful Nikon compact, I should have taken the Lumix instead, hey ho.

Winter Wonder Hove

December 2, 2010

That was some snowfall last night eh? I was like a little ‘un this morning trying to get out into it. I took the trouble and my trusty Lumix over to St. Ann’s Wells Gardens, it was like Narnia. All the schools were closed and the kids and their mums and dads were sledging and arsing about in the foot-deep snow. You don’t get too many days like these in Sussex by the sea, so you’ve got to make the most of them.

I was decked out in a pair of very old hiking boots I bought years ago in China, my trusty Stone Island ice jacket, and a brand new Weir Bobble Hat by my good pals over at Casual Connoisseur. More snow forecast tomorrow, I’ll be very surprised if there’s a match at Withdean this Saturday. Who cares when there’s so much snow about to play in?

The mean streets of……Hove

November 18, 2010

I downloaded a free app on my HTC Wildfire phone, rabid gadgethead that I am, and tried it out while down on Hove seafront this afternoon. It’s called ‘FxCamera’ and I shot these on the ‘ToyCam’ mode, which is supposed to emulate a toy camera, whatever that is.

The camera on my HTC is shite, much as you’d expect with a camera phone, but I love the look of phots on this app. It gives Hove that otherworldly look, grim and almost menacing (you could argue that’s exactly what the King Alfred area looks like anyway). I’ll be mucking about with this app all the time now.

Chrimbo with Paul Heaton and the Nutty Boys

September 9, 2010

I’m a child of the 80s, and two of my favourite things from that glorious decade are playing in Brighton together this december. Madness need no introduction, I’ve been a Nutty Boy fan ever since Suggs and co bopped their crew cuts to ‘The Prince’ on TOTP back in 1979 (see above).

Paul Heaton, the Stone Island loving frontman of the incomparable Housemartins, is on stage with them, he also has a new album out on 13th September. With two of my favourite musical acts under one roof together, the 13th December 2010 is going to be a night to remember.

“Looks like rain again Sir”

August 17, 2010

I got my hair cut today, a smart 1950s short back ‘n’ sides at Gwydyr Hairdressers in Church Road, Hove. The oldest barbershop in Brighton and Hove (est. 1890), a visit to the lower ground floor premises are a short descent into the past.

Like most blokes, I spend a good part of my life walking the streets looking for that perfect barber – I had one in my youth, but he hung up his white coat, steel comb and Brylcreem when I was still in my teens. Since then I have been cropped by lazy disinterested YTS trollops, peroxide Bonnie Tyler rip-offs, and all other types of ‘unisex’ wastrels, who wouldn’t know their number two clippers from their idle football chat.

But not Gwydyr, this really is a gem, as nowadays real barbers are dying out quicker than good pubs. It is not just a haircut I go for, but to bond and escape from listening to Chris Moyles gobbing off on an overloud radio while some dopey Doris murders my hairstyle. The Argus are visiting the old place today they tell me, to commemorate 120 years of doing it right. If you’re in the central Hove area, and in need of a good trim, then get yourself along to the little shop underneath Gwydyr Mansions, you won’t be disappointed.

Contact details:

Gwydyr Hairdressers
Gwydyr Mansions, Church Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 1JW
01273 732923

As I strolled down to the American Express Community Stadium

June 22, 2010

"It's a soccerball stadium stoopid!"

So, that’s that then. “Falmer” has now become “The American Express Community Stadium”, or “The Amex”. Fair enough, for that is the way of that there modern football – corporate sponsorship, and no doubt swarms of badly suited and be-quiffed Amex funboy employees crawling all over the corporate areas of the new stadium. Not a big shock – it could have been The Heinz Beanz Basin, or The Durex Blobs Arena.

But it’s not being American Expressed like that here friends, not never; the Hovian will fight a rearguard action, and this shall be the last post where “Falmer” is called anything other than “Falmer”. See you all in Falmer next season but one then.

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

May 22, 2010

Easily the hottest day of the year so far, we went to the Spring Festival Party in St Ann’s Well Gardens, Hove. It felt more like a bank holiday in August.

Hat – £7 off eBay, pin badges from the BHAFC club shop and Casual Connoisseur, camera bag by Billingham.

Pier Sunday

March 7, 2010

‘Twas a bright, cold, early Spring morn, so we headed down the Pier for a go on the penny falls and to eat fish ‘n’ chips washed down with a swift pint. It’s nice to promenade in a smart outfit – Fjallraven jacket & shirt, Edwin selvage jeans, and a new pair of dark brown suede Clarks Dessie Treks.

Soon (I hope) it will be the right weather to crack out the Lacoste polos and maybe even shorts and trainers. It’s been a long winter folks, and even though the long, sultry summer can leave you feeling a bit lost with no footy to enjoy (is that the right word?), you just can’t beat Brighton & Hove in summertime.

A casual buy no. 11

February 28, 2010

I’ve owned this old Barbour Northumbria jacket for nine years. It was hoodless and I initially wore it over a suit whilst working. Then, as it got older, helping my father in law around his field in Bexhill; and I kept it hanging on the back of the front door as a quick throw-on for a run to the shops when it was wet. My other coats are hung neatly in my wardrobe. I never really saw the Northumbria as a “casual” item, that was until I decided on impulse to buy a matching sylkoil hood for just over a score recently. I tried it on with the hood and thought “You know, I actually like the look of this old thing now”.

Barbour make far trendier, perhaps even more exciting jackets – the Dry Fly or the International range for instance. The Northumbria looks plain by comparison, most would expect to see it on the back of some Wurzel sat on a tractor in a field in Dorset rather than on some urbanite “lad” at the footy. And they are mostly right.

But, in my humblest opinion of course, this thing labelled “casual” is about standing out from the herd sometimes (others would say “all the time”, but I’m not that conceited and far from being a “face” – I’m square baby!). It’s also about what YOU YOURSELF feel comfortable in.

After the initial Golden Era of casual in the very early 80s, which was brash, loud, and swathed in bright Italian sportswear, there was a reaction and period of “dressing down”. Especially in the north west of England – where arguably the subculture had and still has it’s beating heart – lads began looking dressed down and chilled out. Labels disappeared and it was okay to look, heaven forbid, “scruffy”. Tweed and waxed cotton were in and polyester out.

Phil Thornton, in his excellent book about all things casual, called this reaction to garish sportswear “retro-scally”. There’s no scallies in Brighton & Hove apart from emigres from Merseyside; but the freedom to dress in whatever made them comfortable meant these scruffier lads brought to the scene a new way of thinking about clothing and set a precedent. It’s not always about mega-bucks brand labels (although the Northumbria itself ain’t cheap), being a smart-ass, a clothes horse, or, and I might be commiting blasphemy here, getting “one-up” on other lads out and about all the time. You can mix your CP Company with M&S, your shoes can be old and scuffed, there’s no hard and fast rules for this way of looking and feeling. That’s why I’m happy to step out in my old Northumbria with it’s new hood, I love this tatty old jacket again.


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