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A casual buy no. 46

September 3, 2012

This landed at home while I’ve been abroad. A special collaboration between Casual Connoisseur and Tuk Tuk. The former are based in Stockport and make limited edition clothing and accessories from the things that inspire them personally – films, the outdoors, football, clothing, icons, and lots of other eclectic bits of culture. They are also sound lads and good pals of mine. Quality not quantity.

Tuk Tuk is a label I’ve not bought from before, I know they make loads of shirts, and since I already have enough shirts at home to fit out an army of Indian road diggers, I’ve not picked any up before now. Tuk Tuk are inspired by the rich colours and cultures of South Asia, hence the brand name.

The collab came in three different colours of the same style of shirt, I chose the ‘Richardson’ as it looked the best, and anyway, only real men can wear pink and get away with it.

A casual buy no. 44

July 25, 2012

I’ve owned a few CP Company ‘Mille Miglia’ (pronounced ‘Meal-ay Meal-yah’) goggle jackets over the years, but before this only held onto a full leather one from Autumn/Winter 2007, because it is too nice to sell on. CP Company started life in 1975 as ‘Chester Perry’ and was designed by Massimo Osti, the late Italian fashion designer. In 1988, Osti was asked to design a driver’s jacket for the revamped Mille Miglia race, with inspiration being the original race which was contested annually from 1927-1957 (excluding the WWII years). The result was the famous 1988 Race Mille Miglia, which of course is now much sought after by collectors and other assorted Osti fanatics.

In 1994, Osti left CP Company to design other ranges, but the goggle jacket was so popular among, as well as other groups, the UK’s football match-going lads that the ‘Mille Miglia’ has continued to be redesigned and released in both summer and winter season guises ever since. The range was produced under the SPW umbrella, who also of course owned the Stone Island label. Finally, in 2010, SPW sold ‘CP Company’ to FGF Industry, and some said the quality went, well, shit.

Now, I’m not saying I agree completely that something seemed to be lost when that last connection to Massimo Osti was severed in 2010, but there suddenly seemed to be tinted goggles on everything from ski hats to shitty cotton hoodies. Many said the label was ‘dead’ to them. But I disagree up to a point, I’ve kept and eye on everything that has come out of the FGF CP range, and while some of it raises my eyebrows, the odd bit here and there makes me sit up and take note.

This summer’s goggle jacket had three things that made me want one. First, the maroon dyed jacket was a great colour. Second, the watch viewer on the sleeve was again added, with nice ‘CP Company’ branding on it. And, thirdly, I liked the little cotton collar flap, again with ‘CP Company’ stitched on it in white lettering. Small little details you might think, but along with a nice snug tailored-effect fit, it all came together to make a very nice edition of the famous jacket, and I wanted one, badly.

I waited until I could pick one up in my size in the summer sales, and viola – I got this last month for around half price. I’m very pleased with it, and my goggle jacket quota is up to one winter and one summer one – that’s plenty I think. The little ‘Acid Casual’ badge depicting a little fella in his Mille with the hood up is from Casual Connoisseur, who do these little accessories better than anyone, but they are limited edition – i.e. like rocking horse shit to find.

A casual buy no. 42

June 24, 2012

Back by popular demand (well, one bloke asked me), the ‘casual buy’ thread. To be honest I lost interest in writing the same shite over and over about clothes, but it seems some people only read the blog for the Football Fashion posts, so it’s back, only I will try to be less of a bore about clobber, and only post the good and/or rare stuff.

Here’s a small selection of some of the stuff I’ve bought since the last casual buy post, which was September last year. If you hover over the pictures a short description of each item will appear. Jesus, I’m boring already!

Winter Wonder Hove

December 2, 2010

That was some snowfall last night eh? I was like a little ‘un this morning trying to get out into it. I took the trouble and my trusty Lumix over to St. Ann’s Wells Gardens, it was like Narnia. All the schools were closed and the kids and their mums and dads were sledging and arsing about in the foot-deep snow. You don’t get too many days like these in Sussex by the sea, so you’ve got to make the most of them.

I was decked out in a pair of very old hiking boots I bought years ago in China, my trusty Stone Island ice jacket, and a brand new Weir Bobble Hat by my good pals over at Casual Connoisseur. More snow forecast tomorrow, I’ll be very surprised if there’s a match at Withdean this Saturday. Who cares when there’s so much snow about to play in?

Albion in Europe

July 13, 2010

Supporting Brighton and Hove Albion doesn’t give you many options for European football travel, that’s just a fact of life when you pin your colours to the mast of a Division Three club. Not for us are tales of wild-eyed grafters and jibbers taking the Transalpino rattler through the continent on the coat-tails of their all-conquering football teams, robbing and pillaging poorly guarded sports and fashion outlets for the latest continental threads. It just didn’t happen.

But this pre-season even lowly Albion fans can get a taste of what is seen as a birthright for fans of the Big Four – we’re playing two matches in Albufeira in the Algarve next week, and I’ll be there folks, oh yes.

Some say being a dresser is most difficult in the summertime, it’s hard to stand out from the herd when everyone it seems is in cargo shorts and trainers, of course this is true. But I see it as a challenge too – although bright garish sportswear is strictly for whoppers in the winter, in summertime the discerning dresser can let his colourful side – hidden underneath big, expensive hooded outerwear during the season – come out to play. So, I’ve bought a few bits and bobs to throw on while fighting the 30+ degree heat of southern Portugal in July. It’s tough I know, but duty calls.

I don’t normally wear hattage, a throwback to my army days where it was good to let the barnet out in the fresh air now and again. But, as my celtic skin burns like an Albino’s arse cheeks, I have to cover up in hotter climes. I bought this bucket hat by Beechfield for under a fiver on Amazon, the pin badges give it a bit of life – two from the highly recommended casual connoisseur chaps, and the Seagull a snip at £2 from the club shop.

The orange ‘Four Across’ t-shirt I picked up from Brighton’s very own Mod emporium – Jump The Gun in Gardner Street, a great place for Fred Perry by the way. The adidas trainer tee was in an online sale. I’ll also be taking three or four Lacoste polos, a pair of jeans and a couple of pairs of trainers as well – and along with the beachwear: pool shorts, flippies, towels and tinnie cooler – I’ll be well sorted. So, it’s Sunderland FC up first next Wednesday night at the Municipal Stadium in Albufeira, stay tuned for words and pictures some time after that. Cheers.

Jazzing with Jimmy

July 6, 2010

Time for another plug for another blogger on The Hovian. Jimmy Jazz is a 16 year old Tottenham lad (these youngsters are making me feel old) who’s started a blog about clothes and other facets of the modern world that hold his attention.

Already he’s managed two blogging coups – two separate online interviews with the Stockport-based chaps who are real movers and shakers on the scene, one half of Casual Connoisseur, and the editor of the excellent Proper Magazine. Check out Jim’s site, I’ll be keeping my eye on him as he looks destined for blogging glory.

Today I will be mostly wearing…

June 12, 2010

It’s World Cup time! I’m off with a crate of lager (I know, I know, but not everyone likes real ale and it’s a time for sharing) to watch the first England game at my mate’s flat. Thought about the pub, but it will be rammed (there might be a bastard vuvuzela or two there anyway, enough to make me murderous), and I’m working on Sunday.

Below: vintage zip up trackie from Gabicci, “Bowie Low” tee by Casual Connoisseur, ED47 selvedge jeans by Edwin, Top Winners by Puma.


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