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October 19, 2012

The Seagull Love Review #42 is for sale at Falmer tomorrow at the Middlesbrough game. Still a pound a copy, still the only BHAFC fanzine around, and still going strong. Lots of places to buy a mag around the concourse before the match, just keep your eyes peeled in the 25000 strong crowd (still gets me that, 25K to see the Albion? Not me personally though, I’m abroad once more).

The fanzine will also be available to Albionites everywhere else around the globe via the TSLR website, where you can buy subscriptions, back issues, Build a Bonfire, and other bits and bobs of BHAFC fan culture. Check it out.


Ditchling dandering

June 21, 2012

I see a fine football stadium thar

This is the last set of photos I took from rambling on the South Downs back in March, when it was unseasonably balmy. What a crap June in contrast. I’ll be walking a lot more now I’m back home from work, and of course sampling the fine pubs and ales you encounter dandering along the most beautiful part of the country.

Leaving Ditchling and approaching the Beacon

This was a big long hike, starting from Ditchling itself, then heading straight up the downs onto Ditchling Beacon. I remember driving up the hill when the Albion were still playing at Withdean, but the new stadium at Falmer was almost finished. The shock at seeing the curved roofs of the Amex from the top of the hill, was soon followed by excitement at moving there after that summer. The stadium fitted beautifully into the surrounding landscape, making a mockery of those fucking bellends – the NIMBYS on Lewes District Council – who said the Downs would be ‘ruined’. A plague on all their houses still, who knows where BHAFC would be now if we’d been moved in earlier than 2011? Bastards.

The view north east halfway up

But I’m getting off topic – rambling around Ditchling. After heading west along the spine of the Downs from spotting Falmer, the view either side is probably the best in Sussex. Then it’s a long, lonely dog leg south to the remote Chattri War Memorial, a fine site, and great place for reflection – no more greater compliment can be paid to the Indian troops who fought and were wounded in WWI, than making this place a perfect meditation spot. The views toward Brighton are worth the extra miles alone.

The vintage rallies still love to come over the Downs at Ditchling

Next up was the Jack & Jill Windmills overlooking Clayton and the north. Finally footsore and gagging for a beer, you head east, then north, down the steep north side of the Downs and into The Bull, on Ditchling’s High Street. A  fine traditional pub, with superb ales on tap. None better than this pint of Dark Star’s Sussex Stout. Forget that Guinness keg muck, this surprisingly light stout is just what a thirsty walker requires after 8 miles over the Downs at Ditchling. Recommended.

Top ‘o the Downs, heading due west

The view at the Chattri War Memorial

Clayton Windmills

Turn left for a pint of……

……this beauty

Best pint I’ve tasted in years

As I strolled down to the American Express Community Stadium

June 22, 2010

"It's a soccerball stadium stoopid!"

So, that’s that then. “Falmer” has now become “The American Express Community Stadium”, or “The Amex”. Fair enough, for that is the way of that there modern football – corporate sponsorship, and no doubt swarms of badly suited and be-quiffed Amex funboy employees crawling all over the corporate areas of the new stadium. Not a big shock – it could have been The Heinz Beanz Basin, or The Durex Blobs Arena.

But it’s not being American Expressed like that here friends, not never; the Hovian will fight a rearguard action, and this shall be the last post where “Falmer” is called anything other than “Falmer”. See you all in Falmer next season but one then.

Wycombe 4 – 4 Albion

November 7, 2009

I missed this FA Cup first round match, and what a cracker. Gavin Hoyte sent off (I think that’s six red cards for the Albion this season now), Nicky Forster scores his tenth goal of the season, and Glenn Murray gets a brace. Nothing dull about this team eh?

Martin Hinshelwood

Hinsh carrys on the Albion madness at Wycombe

The reason for my absence? I was at Falmer High School all day, attending my FA Level 1 in coaching football course. It was a good laugh, and even the big shiny skeleton of  a new stadium going up behind the University of Brighton site didn’t put me off my game too much.

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Smith; Hoyte, Virgo, Elphick, El-Abd; Bennett, Crofts, Dicker, Cox; Forster (Davies 73), Murray (2)

Subs: Kuipers, Navarro, McLeod, Tunnicliffe, Livermore, C Barker.

Countdown to Falmer

September 16, 2009

I’ve received a linkback from the excellent Countdown to Falmer website, where BHAFC fans can upload their own pictures of the ongoing building work at the Club’s new home. So, I’m giving the site a bigger plug by dedicating a post to them here at The Hovian.

It really is a fascinating spectacle watching a modern football stadium being built before your very eyes online, and in such a beautiful area as the Falmer site. Other useful websites to get Seagull football nerds all a-slobber are the Countdown to Falmer web clock, and the club’s own Falmer Timelapse site on Lobstervision, where you can log in everyday and watch as the camera records the building progress and uploads it to the interweb every 15 minutes.

A poster on North Stand Chat named Everest has even spliced together the timelapse thingy into a series of excellent little YouTube movies, accompanied by suitably stirring music. Everest’s YouTube channel is here, subscribe now and one day he’ll have the whole Falmer construction from the first diggers moving in to the painting of the white lines on the new stadium pitch. Here’s his best effort linked above, good effort fella!!

Falmer on Google Earth #2

August 2, 2009
The bottom tier of the North Stand is laid

The bottom tier of the North Stand is laid

Part deux of an occasional series. Due to the lack of activity on Google Earth, this website has decided to go ahead and build a virtual Falmer Stadium on the actual site of Brighton & Hove Albion FC’s new home.

The new pitch is down, and is being watered and mown daily by groundsmen on loan from Withdean. The bottom tier of the new North Stand has been erected, we’re not sure what shade of blue the seats should be yet, any gay readers with a queer eye for colour schemes would be a help . Contact details can be found on my “About”  page.

Hopefully the new stadium should be ready in time for…..well, f*ck all really. Perhaps President Obama will take a satellite off-duty from spying on Iran and fly it over the South Downs once or twice so I can scrap this expensive new virtual stadium.

Falmer Stadium on Google Earth #1

July 26, 2009
So secret even US military satellites cant see it

So secret even US military satellites can't see it

Where is it? Are Brighton & Hove Albion employing the North Koreans to hide the building site? Who from? Are they trying not to piss off  Lewes District Council and Falmer Village residents?

I’ll download a picture of the Falmer site every Sunday evening, just to see if there really is a new stadium going up there and it isn’t some perfidious hoax, forsooth!

p.s. I’m  a bit of a dick, as a poster on NSC has just referred me to the bottom of the google picture – it was taken on 15th April 2007. Nevermind, I’ll still post a pic each Sunday, only I’ll build my own stadium in microsoft paint, until they update the google satellite image . Problem solved. Here’s stage one:

The pitch is laid

The pitch is laid


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