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Hastings United 3 – 2 Albion

July 23, 2012

It won’t be much of a match report this post, as I only watched 30 odd minutes of it. That was due to it being a lovely day and wanting to have a good drink. I never even saw a goal go in. To be fair a lot of the reason for this total lack of commitment to football spectating was down to the daft interpretation of Football League Rule “Thou shalt not be able to see a football being kicked whilst thou hast a pint of ale in one’s mitt”. I don’t know whether Hastings themselves or some shady representative from the professional game decided to enforce this rule – but the whole point of non-league football is that you get treated like an adult and can have a beer while watching the game, without hi-vis bellends and the Polis breathing down your neck.

The bar at The Pilot Field looks out over the pitch, it has three windows, but only two roller blinds. I decided to roll up the two as the teams came out and the hapless stewards were on me in a flash. A small mob of similarly thirsty fans gathered around the one remaining outlook only to have the biggest steward literally stand in front of it and extend his arms in case the sight of a footballer doing his job might send us all into a drunken, rampaging mob.  So you had the spectacle of beer-drinking fans, young and old, trying to peer over a big bloke in hi-vis to see glimpses of the game outside, while he ducked about like Bruce Grobbelaar in a penalty shootout trying to block their view. A farce. So, after downing my lager I went outside to watch the remaining first half in the sunshine.

At half-time the bar filled again, and the three of us made the decision to bin the football, Vicente and all, and head down to the Old Town and “get on it properly”. And that’s how my first match of the 2012-13 season ended – in a haze of quaint old pubs and, after a train journey back to Brighton, another flurry of ale. Game over. I’m still suffering this morning.

To Hastings, and making a STAND Against Modern Football

July 19, 2012

A Morris Dancer free zone

I’m itching to get over to the east of East Sussex for this one, it’s been ages since I’ve seen the old pig’s bladder being kicked about. I have quite a few in-laws from around the Hastings area, but they’ve no interest in football; odd lot over there, but great place for a bevvie, especially the Old Town.

I’ll take the old Panasonic with me, so I can capture a few daguerreotypes to put up here, and a Hovian trademarked BHAFC match report – if I can stay sober enough to shoot phots that is.

In other news – the peasants are revolting. There’s a new paper football fanzine, unlike anything you’ve read before, being stuck together for publishing as we speak. It’s called “Stand – Against Modern Football” and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Even better, yours truly has an article in there, all about…..well, you’ll just have to buy it and see. The co-editors are (drinking) pals of mine, who are already in the business of magazines and fanzines, so it’s not some bodge job. You can check it all out on their Twitter @standamf, Facebook, and their blog. Sabotage Times have done a good write up here as well.

The boys at Stand have got 1200+ followers already on the old Twitter, so there is momentum behind this venture – after all, it’s our game and they are fucking us over, enough is enough – time to make a STAND.

The fanzine will be available to buy online only at this stage, stay tuned here or at @TheHovian to find out more.



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