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Albion 3 – 3 Leeds

September 24, 2011

It wasn’t a night for dicky hearts at Falmer last night. A scintillating game of football that had me out of my seat all night.

The Leeds away crowd were great, best banter at the Amex yet. Loads of big fat Yorkies with no tops on screaming abuse and singing their hearts out. They were almost as entertaining as the match itself.

Almost identical to the Liverpool game, we didn’t turn up in the first half, and Leeds punished us more than the Premier League outfit as a result. Second half started with Nooney replaced by the dagger, and Vicente was ace. We battered Leeds, a complete turnaround from the first 45. Vicente was pulling the strings and LuaLua, Barnes and CMS had a great performance each.

Mackail-Smith’s first was a beautiful turn and finish, and he rounded off his man of the match run out with a second and winning a penalty which Barnes put away easily, he does take a good penalty.

Leeds were allowed to come at us for the last 5, and Ankergren inexplicably punted the ball down to his opposite number Lonergan in the Leeds goal. Lonergan hoofed it back and it ended up in front of McCormack who tucked it away with 94 minutes up of the 95. Lumps of blubber exploded in the away end and Leeds sneaked a draw when they looked down and out.

Great game, but I felt we gave away three points when we had fought so hard to take the lead. Southampton and Middlesbrough drew today though, so we’re still very much in the mix and it’s Crystal Palace Tuesday night, with Glenn Murray fully fit. I cannot wait.

The Hovian’s Team performance : 7.5 out 10

The Hovian’s Man of the Match : Craig Mackail-Smith

Attendance: 20,646 (2,361 Leeds United)

As it stands - Championship table

Projected table based on latest scores

Position Team P GD PTS
Full Championship table
1 Southampton 8 10 19
2 Middlesbrough 8 8 18
3 Derby 8 7 18
4 West Ham 8 9 17
5 Brighton 8 6 17
6 Hull 8 -1 13
7 Cardiff 7 3 12
8 Blackpool 8 2 12
9 Leeds 8 1 11
10 Leicester 7 0 11
11 Peterborough 8 3 10
12 Crystal Palace 8 0 10
13 Ipswich 8 -5 10
14 Portsmouth 8 -1 9
15 Reading 8 -1 8
16 Birmingham 7 -2 8
17 Barnsley 8 -2 8
18 Watford 8 -3 8
19 Millwall 8 -5 7
20 Burnley 7 -4 6
21 Coventry 8 -4 6
22 Nott’m Forest 8 -6 6
23 Bristol City 8 -6 6
24 Doncaster 8 -9 4

Leeds 1 – 1 Albion

February 21, 2010

Our last view of Elland Road for years to come?

Gutted. No other word for it. Leeds probably deserved a draw overall, but I was sure we were finally going to ride our luck and leave Elland road – probably for the last time for many years – with all three points. As I said, gutted.

The day started inauspiciously when the PA system on the East Coast train out of King’s Cross announced we were on a dry train “Due to football issues”. Onboard there were Leeds, Watford, Ipswich, and even a Geordie fan running late for St James’s Park. He was probably just a lost beer monster, if he was he was on the wrong train. We managed a couple of swift pints and a warming shot in the railway station bar before jumping into a taxi for Elland Road.  Leeds’ tap lager in the away supporters’ bar was horrible, so I knocked back cider before grabbing a seat in the tiny yellow away section in the south east corner of the old stadium.

Just a note on Leeds stewards, and I’m not one who usually rags on the fluorescent jacket brigade, but these were some of the worst jobsworths I’ve seen. Granted the four or so Albion lads who got ejected for repeatedly refusing to sit down were pissed-up and annoying, but the introduction of purple shirted “quick response” teams or whatever they were called, plain clothes (undercover?) uber-stewards, and of course West Yorkshire’s finest was all a bit OTT to say the least. The fact that one of them was a ringer for Mark McGhee didn’t help either. I tried to get a photo of McGhoo’s visog but he was too fast for me, and for a moment I thought he was going to try and sling me out for the heinous crime of using a camera in a public place. Muppets.

The match now. Well, we weren’t exactly robbed, but when Virgo was sent off for a reckless lunge on Leeds’ Gradel after Brezovan threw the ball to him (fucking Albion goalkeeping again!), it looked ominous. Letting in a goal on 95 minutes was completely soul destroying though. Before the equaliser the team battled, frustrated and harried, Beckford never got so much as a sniff all game. When Murray went down and converted his own penalty we were sitting pretty, the home crowd were quiet, and I really believed we were for winning this one.

My man of the match was a hard one, this really was a team display, if you’ll pardon the cliche. Virgo was brilliant until he went, but he’s out of the team now for Charlton and James Tunnicliffe is out on loan, who’s going in at centre back – probably Painter with El-Abd coming back to cover left back. Our midfield was brilliant all game, again with Navarro starring alongside Crofts. I saw LuaLua for the first time too, and he looks great. But big Glenn Murray played the lone striker role superbly up front, and for that he earns my man of the match.

After the game we met up at the Grove Inn on Stone Row with a few Albion fans for some excellent real ale before heading home, again on a dry train. Some of the boys had a carry out so I blagged a couple of cans, and one of my party got a little bit too rowdy (sorry Lads!), but all in all we had forgotten about the game and had a bit of a laugh.

So, we’ve slipped a place to 22nd in the league after dropping two points yesterday, things aren’t looking good in the table, but we are playing well. Charlton away on Tuesday night is not as daunting a fixture as it might have been earlier in the season, we can match anyone on our day, we just have to have more “days” – time is running out.

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance : 8 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Glenn Murray

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-5-1) Brezovan; Calderon, Elphick, Virgo, Painter; Bennett (Hart 56), Dicker, Crofts, Navarro, LuaLua (El-Abd 82); Murray

(Subs) Kuipers, El-Abd, Forster, Carole, Hoyte, Hart, Holroyd

Attendance: 24120

League One table

Sunday, 21 February 2010 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Norwich 32 32 66
2 Leeds United 31 28 63
3 Colchester 32 18 62
4 Charlton 32 21 60
5 Swindon 30 12 56
6 Huddersfield 31 23 54
7 Millwall 31 12 52
8 MK Dons 31 3 49
9 Walsall 31 3 43
10 Bristol Rovers 31 -9 42
11 Brentford 30 0 38
12 Southampton 29 17 37
13 Carlisle 31 -2 37
14 Leyton Orient 31 -6 36
15 Yeovil 32 -5 35
16 Gillingham 32 -11 33
17 Tranmere 31 -21 33
18 Southend 31 -11 32
19 Oldham 29 -11 32
20 Hartlepool 31 -12 32
21 Exeter 32 -13 31
22 Brighton 31 -14 31
23 Wycombe 32 -24 27
24 Stockport 30 -30 20

Albion 1 – 2 Norwich

February 14, 2010

Saucer-faced pop minx (who's not as fit as her mum) and Norwich City celebrity bellend fan Sophie Ellis-Bextor

I had to miss going to this game due to family commitments I couldn’t put off any longer, and frankly, I’m not too bothered not having had to fork out £24 for this one. I did manage to listen in on BBC Radio Sussex for most of the game, and all I can say is, we’re not showing that extra bit of effort needed to start climbing up the table. Say what you want about bad luck and dickhead referees, but to let in not one, but two goals in the last ten minutes after going one up and playing so well is criminal, even if it was the League One champions elect who nicked all three points in the smash ‘n’ grab raid. Enough said.

When we got home to Hove today after spending the weekend in the wilds of east East Sussex, seeing two tickets for Leeds away next week lying on the hall floor lightened my mood somewhat. Albion need to man the fuck up and take it to both Leeds and Charlton on the following Tuesday night, or we’ll be hanging onto League One status by the skin of our soiled underpants come the end of this month. Honeymoon’s long gone now Gus, time to consummate this football relationship properly and keep us in tier three for next season.

Norwich 4 – 1 Albion

November 24, 2009

Round two of our back to back games against League One’s triumvirate of ex-Premiershit “Big Boys” tonight. After, frankly, what was a football lesson against the whippet-worrying dole scum (that’s Leeds United to you) on Saturday, this should be a tough night for the Seagulls. But, we are good away, and the boys seem to relish playing in the big stadiums, so it’s all up for grabs. I’ll stick my neck out and go for a sneaky 1-0 to us. Gavin Hoyte returns from his three match ban to sit on the bench and no Nicky Forster!!! Dickinson starts with Murray up front.

Three minutes, 1-0 to Norwich, fuck me ragged. Tunnicliffe didn’t clear and they get a tap-in at the far post. Dickinson is sounding lively, getting amongst them. Crofts has one saved, we’re still well in this match. Norwich hit the bar – hoofing game! Cox gives it away, bang! 2-0, that should be it folks. Wankers.

PUNCH UP!!! Both teams scrapping in the centre of the park. Cox is having a ‘mare, gets booked for starting the melee with his foul. Can’t see him starting the second half. Disallowed goal for Norwich, we are going to get mauled here tonight folks, we are shite. Half-time, a pretty sad act.

Cox is off, McLeod on. Adam El-Abd, the much maligned utility defender is having a good game here, good on him. TUNNICLIFFE!!!!!!! 2-1!!!! McLeod wins a corner, a scramble and Tunny bangs it in. Ah fuck off! Own goal – Elphick, although it seems he might have been fouled. 3-1 to City. Goodnight and God bless.

It’s looking like a bad night all-round for us tonight, all our relegation contenders apart from Stockport are doing well. It’s now 4-1 on 81 minutes, Smith should have saved, boy do we miss Kuipers. Shocking. Murray goes off for Davieees. Hoyte gets a run out for the last pitiful five minutes, replacing Whing. It’s ten past two in the morning here in Kabul, I’m up at 7am for a full day’s work – worth staying up for and a red-eye day tomorrow…….? I still say yes. We are a long way off the standard required to progress from this league, Leeds and now Norwich have showed us how it’s done. Next up is Charlton – oh dear. Well played to Bomber El-Abd, my Man of the Match. I’m off for a shite night’s kip. Toodle Pip.

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance :   3 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Adam El-Abd

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Smith; Whing (Hoyte 85), Elphick, Tunnicliffe, El-Abd; Bennett, Crofts, Dicker, Cox (McLeod 45); Murray (Davieeeees 83), Dickinson

Subs:  Pelling, McLeod, Virgo, C Davies, Navarro, Hart, Hoyte

Albion 0 – 3 Leeds

November 21, 2009

The Big One. Like them or loathe them (personally I hate the arrogant Yorkshire twats) you have to admit they don’t come bigger than Leeds in this league. Forget our shock away triumph at Scumhampton last Sunday – this game, this is the final test of how good Gus Poyet is, and how much he has invigorated our hitherto shite team.

A draw will do for me, a win will be fantastic but I can’t see us inflicting a second defeat on Leeds this season. Poyet in charge is an extra edge to this fixture, but form suggests we will struggle this afternoon. I wish I was at home to watch it, but I’ll hopefully (I might be busier later today) listen in on Player, biting my fingers to the quick.

Quiet start, Forster gets a shot away on ten minutes, goes wide. Smith saves well from Kilkenny, flag was up though. Leeds pressuring us, we need to get hold of the ball and keep it boring. Leeds score, left foot shot, 1-0 to the whippet-worrying dole scum. Smith out of position? Leeds hit the post straightaway, keep it cool lads. Murray heads wide from a Cox cross. Beckford scores three minutes from the break, game over I think.

Second half, a lot better from the Albion; Dicker and Crofts putting a foot on the ball, a sneaky goal might stir it all up again…..COME ON!!!!! Albion nearly score! Cox feeds Murray and he puts it wide. Leeds have taken the foot off the pedal, can this game offer us up something yet? Double substitution on 70 minutes – Navarro for Cox and Hart for Whing, Bennett drops back to right back, how’s this going to work?

Aaaaaah, gonna miss the last 15 minutes, I’ve been called out on a job, maybe we’ll score three when I’m away?

Ah, we were stuffed 3-0 then, nevermind, Leeds aren’t even breaking sweat at this level. We, on the other hand, are hovering precariously again just above the League One trap door. Nighty night.

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance :  5 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Not sure about my Mom today

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Smith; Whing (Hart 70), Elphick, Tunnicliffe, El-Abd (C Davieees 80); Bennett, Crofts, Dicker, Cox (Navarro 70); Murray, Forster

Subs:  Pelling, Livermore, Virgo, C Davies, Navarro, Hart, McLeod

League One table

Saturday, 21 November 2009 17:07 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Leeds United 16 24 39
2 Charlton 17 13 33
3 Huddersfield 17 20 30
4 Colchester 17 13 30
5 Norwich 17 10 29
6 MK Dons 17 0 29
7 Bristol Rovers 17 -1 28
8 Millwall 17 8 25
9 Swindon 16 0 25
10 Walsall 17 1 24
11 Southend 17 2 23
12 Hartlepool 17 1 23
13 Yeovil 17 -1 22
14 Oldham 17 -3 21
15 Exeter 17 -4 21
16 Brentford 17 -5 19
17 Leyton Orient 17 -11 19
18 Gillingham 17 -4 18
19 Carlisle 17 -5 17
20 Brighton 17 -10 17
21 Stockport 17 -15 14
22 Southampton 17 5 13
23 Wycombe 17 -14 11
24 Tranmere 17 -24 10

Southampton 1 – 3 Albion

November 16, 2009

Cracking. Put it down to Gus Poyet. Whether it was his brief spells of coaching this week, or the fact individual players were trying hard to impress the new boss - we were good yesterday, brilliant even, almost a different team. I don’t think we deserved to run out of Scumland (more of which in a later post) 3-1 winners, but we rode our luck for a change and defended stoutly – I haven’t said that once this season.

Albion goalscorer and Man of the Match - Andrew CroftsI won’t go on about this one too much, as even our armchair and faraway fans got a chance to watch it on the telly, but I will rate each player briefly.

Kuipers – mad as a fish, but had an inspired game, his kicking is still bad though. Whing – welcome return and solid enough from ginge, unlucky over the penalty shout. Elphick and Tunnicliffe – Elphick looked class, Tunnicliffe aided and abetted well. El-Abd - hard in the tackle, but hoofed it in the second half too much.

Bennett – unusually quiet and ineffective from him, it won’t last. Dicker - the odd wayward pass but a very classy midfielder who stuck at it when they came at us with everything second half. Crofts – new skipper (shock!) and it obviously inspired him to man of the match, his turn in the first half, leaving three Saints players standing was ace, as was his goal sealing the game when it looked like they would score. Cox – fantastic effort skinning Harding (snigger) and crossing for Murray’s first, we all know he can do it, maybe Poyet’s flair has rubbed off on the little fella.

Forster - deserved to score, had a good niggly game with their big dirty bastard at centre back. Glenn Murray – say what you want about the big guy – and ALL Seagulls fans have said plenty about him – he was on the money at Saints, almost my man of the match.

The subs – each did their job, with Dickinson being the most annoying I’m sure for Saints fans, with his big gangly awkward style frustrating and holding the ball well.

Albion double goalscorer - Glenn Murray

So, there you have it, a great start, it was a bit flattering, but I’m sure the Scummers didn’t expect too much from our team before kick-off. A big round of applause to the travelling Seagulls too – it was almost like Wembley in the Northam Stand yesterday with all that noise. I’ll talk more about events surrounding the game, and the antics of a few window lickers who think they’re well ‘ard and follow Saints, but I’ll write about that later in the week. Enjoy it, Leeds on Saturday will show how much Poyet has really worked his magic (forget Wycombe Wednesday night).

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance : 9 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Andrew Crofts

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Kuipers; Whing, Elphick, Tunnicliffe, El-Abd; Bennett (Navarro 60), Crofts, Dicker, Cox (Hart 60); Murray (2), Forster (Dickinson 75)

Subs:  Smith, Livermore, Virgo, C Davies, Navarro, Hart, Dickinson

League One table

Monday, 16 November 2009 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Leeds United 15 21 36
2 Charlton 16 13 32
3 Colchester 16 13 29
4 MK Dons 16 1 29
5 Norwich 16 10 28
6 Huddersfield 16 19 27
7 Millwall 16 10 25
8 Bristol Rovers 16 -2 25
9 Hartlepool 16 2 23
10 Walsall 16 1 23
11 Swindon 15 -1 22
12 Yeovil 16 -1 21
13 Southend 16 1 20
14 Oldham 16 -3 20
15 Gillingham 16 -3 18
16 Brentford 16 -5 18
17 Exeter 16 -6 18
18 Carlisle 16 -4 17
19 Brighton 16 -7 17
20 Leyton Orient 16 -12 16
21 Stockport 16 -13 14
22 Southampton 16 5 12
23 Tranmere 16 -23 10
24 Wycombe 16 -16 8

Back in Blighty

October 31, 2009
Death or Glory for big Russ?

Death or Glory time for Big Russ?

I’m back in damp old Hove and all set for Withdean this afternoon for the visit of the Monkey Hangers. Anything less than a win and I think we’ll see the Russell Slade era come to an end. So, let’s get behind the team and get them firing. I’ll post a full match report either Sunday or Monday, as I’ve lots of stuff to do and people to see now I’m home for three weeks.

I’ve also tried on my gorilla suit for my Brighton Marathon REMF run. I was sweating my tits off after just putting the bloody thing on! It’s going to be a tough, tough run next April. I’ve now raised £381 for the charity though, so it will be worth it. I see ex-Leeds and England player Danny Mills will be completing the marathon in a wheelchair, so I’m hoping to beat his time!

Albion 0 – 2 Oldham

October 24, 2009

Adam El-Abd returns to the back four to cover for the eternally unlucky Jim McNulty, and hopefully Nicky Forster will start after his little niggle – we miss him badly. Alan Navarro starting in midfield, mmmm, not sure about that. First chance on 20 minutes, Forster wins a corner, Bennett delivers and Elphick nearly gets in at the back post. Kuipers makes a great save and Oldham have their first chance, boring game this.

Crofts puts a header just over, should have scored. Bennett again our brightest player this half, what a find this kid is. Bit better from the Seagulls at the end of the half – every time Bennett gets the ball to his feet. Half-time, all Albion for me although the Latics had the best chance.

First chance in second half, deflected past Kuipers, 0-1. Here we go again. Nicky Forster almost equalises straightaway. Cox on for Navarro, why didn’t Coxy start? Slade is getting this all wrong again. My patience is running out with his team selections. Forster going close again, COME ON!!!!! Gary Hart on for Dickinson on 76 minutes, another poor, soft, diving display from a player who promised so much in August. Toothless we are.

Dicker having a good second half, but we’re not supplying Bennett enough. Free kick for Oldham, they have a man unmarked 4 yards out, he scores, 2-0. Absolute fucking rubbish. Crofts hits the crossbar, too little, too late. One…two…three…and we’re back in the relegation zone. The only consolation today is that Millwall beat Leeds, woeful eh? Is Russell Slade really our man this season? I really don’t think he is, and it pains me to say that, it really does.

I’m back in the UK next Friday and will be in South Stand Block G at Fortress Withdean for the Hartlepool game, I can hardly wait. I wonder if Slade will be there on the home bench?

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance :  3 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Elliott Bennett

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Kuipers; Hoyte, Virgo, Elphick, El-Abd; Bennett, Crofts, Dicker, Navarro (Cox 60); Dickinson (Hart 76), Forster

Subs: Smith, Hart, Thornhill, Cox, Tunnicliffe, Davies, McLeod

League One Table

24 Oct 2009 17:09 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Leeds United 13 13 30
2 Charlton 14 11 29
3 Colchester 14 14 28
4 MK Dons 14 4 26
5 Norwich 14 6 22
6 Bristol Rovers 13 2 22
7 Huddersfield 14 12 21
8 Millwall 14 9 21
9 Oldham 14 -1 20
10 Hartlepool 14 1 19
11 Swindon 14 -4 19
12 Yeovil 14 2 18
13 Southend 14 1 17
14 Walsall 14 -2 17
15 Brentford 14 -2 17
16 Gillingham 14 -3 15
17 Leyton Orient 14 -11 15
18 Carlisle 14 -5 14
19 Exeter 14 -9 14
20 Stockport 14 -9 14
21 Brighton 14 -9 13
22 Southampton 14 7 11
23 Tranmere 14 -18 10
24 Wycombe 14 -9 8

Huddersfield 7 (that’s seven) – 1 Albion

August 18, 2009

Tough one tonight. I have Huddersfield down as one of my picks for automatic promotion this year, along with either Charlton or Leeds. Anything better than a heavy defeat at the Galpharm Stadium will be a good result for us.

The Argus reckons Jim McNulty is in the squad for tonight, but according to the NSC (which I trust more anyhoo), Jimmy Mac is out and so is Glenn Murray (shock! horror!). And Seagulls Player is online a full ten minutes before the KO, is that a good omen for the Seagulls? Fairly boring first ten minutes, that’ll do us nicely, 0-0 would be a result. Scrappy, Virgo big and strong. Second corner for Albion. Navarro gives the ball away, El-Abd saves his blushes as last man, Kuipers gathers.

It’s good hearing the travelling support singing, good effort. Saints 1-0 down at Swindon, hoho, remember my bet at work? $100 for Albion to finish above Saints this year. Gertcha! Virgo is playing a captain’s game so far, I’m liking this Albion defence, even El-Abd is doing well. Need goals. Smith hits one over the bar. Fooking hell, Huddersfield break, cross, header, onion bag, first go. Jesus. Now the home team are going for it, this is where this Albion team has to prove their bottle. No excuses, goals please.

OUT OF FACKING NOWHERE! LIAM DICKINSON VOLLEYS A BELTER INTO THE ONION BAG!!!!!!!!! 1-1 SEAGULLLLLLLSSSSS!!!!!!! Within a minute, a fooking minute, Huddersfield go ahead again! No mistake this is a good Huddersfield team, and this is a cracking match. El-Abd makes a poor back pass, the Terrier striker cuts in, Kuipers brings him down, penalty, Kuipers sent off. Kuipers is incandescent with rage. Step up Graeme Smith, what a game to come into. Smith has been booked for picking the ball up??? WTF? 3-1, game over at half time folks. Christ on a bike.

Second half as expected all Huddersfield. Smith gets his first decent touch collecting a corner. Whing gives away another penalty, poor old Graeme Smith, this could be really embarassing tonight, I can barely watch. SMITH SAVES!!!!!! The big Scot does brilliantly. This is one crazy game of football. Smith is FLAIR, fastest booking probably ever, then saves a penalty. Plan B – keep the score down, hope for the odd set piece to nick one.

I need to STFU, soon as I say “Plan B” the Terriers score a fourth. 5-1 now, we’re ragged. Slade takes off Dickinson to give Fozzy a run out. Dicko is the only positive from tonight, perhaps Jamie Smith’s good run out before he had to make way for Kuipers’ sending off. It’s six, we’re being butchered here. This is hard to stomach, I never expected this result. In injury time Huddersfield stamp one last boot into the Albion’s battered and bloody face 7 (SEVEN)-1. Ah well, we’re still ten points ahead of Southampton. Goodnight.

Xenophon’s Albion Team Performance : 2 out of 10

Xenophon’s Albion Man of the Match : Liam Dickinson

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-5-1) Kuipers (sent off 39); Whing, Virgo, Elphick, El-Abd; Cox, Navarro (Thornhill 75), Crofts , J Smith (G Smith 39), McLeod; Dickinson (Forster 70).

Subs: G Smith, Tunnicliffe, Thornhill, Dicker, M Wright, Forster, Davies

League One table

Tuesday, 18 August 2009 21:52 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Colchester 3 8 9
2 Charlton 3 4 9
3 Leeds United 3 3 9
4 Huddersfield 3 8 7
5 Brentford 3 3 7
6 Bristol Rovers 3 2 6
7 Millwall 3 2 5
8 MK Dons 3 1 5
9 Yeovil 3 1 4
10 Walsall 3 0 4
11 Carlisle 3 -1 4
12 Oldham 3 -1 4
13 Swindon 3 -4 4
14 Gillingham 3 2 3
15 Southend 3 0 3
16 Leyton Orient 3 -1 3
17 Tranmere 3 -1 3
18 Exeter 3 -1 2
19 Wycombe 3 -2 1
20 Hartlepool 3 -3 1
21 Stockport 3 -3 1
22 Norwich 3 -7 1
23 Brighton 3 -7 1
24 Southampton 3 -3 -9

Scunthorpe 0 – 2 Albion

August 1, 2009

The Iron. They certainly were last season. I was at the Withdean last year when this big physical team steamrollered the Seagulls, it was a case of men against boys that afternoon (4-1 Sat 6th Sep).

Then, against all odds, and battering the egos of bigger clubs like Leeds and Millwall, they won the play-offs, and I was glad they did (I fancy us against those other two more than Scunny). So, where better to go and test Russell Slade’s new look team than Glanford Park?

It’s a lazy sunny day here in Kabul, so I’ll have Seagulls Player (new name for Seagulls World, still shit) on later, if it fooking works, and will give my view on this last friendly before next saturday’s big kick-off at the Withdean. Stay tuned.

It’s now 3:04pm, I’m sat looking at my laptop and Seagulls Player is doing fook all. Marvellous. Commentary comes on finally at 3:07pm, can hardly hear it. Jake Wright makes a bright start, I’m liking this guy already. I think Albion are playing five in midfield, with Navarro sitting in front of the back four and leaving Dicko alone up front. First attack by Scunny, Kuipers makes brilliant save! Elphick heads behind for corner. Cleared off the line by Virgo.

GOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!! From nowhere, Jake Wright wings one in, Cox slots it to Mark Wright, he shoots, ball rebounds off the goalie and Wright taps in. Dickinson wins a corner. Crofts heads one from Mark Wright’s  corner – SAVED! I’m enjoying this. Crofts again, Cox shoots – corner. Cox takes, Elphick heads over. It’s all Albion, Dicko, Cox, Dicker, Mark Wright, Dicko again, they’re really putting pressure on. Dickinson playing really well, working hard.

Scunny break through, closed down by Kuipers – he’s number one this season, no question. This 4-5-1 looks like it’s working well. The wingers are finding space, and Dicko is making a nuisance of himself. Dicko sets up for Cox and he misses a sitter. Half-time, very impressive so far readers.

Changes for half-time: Murray on for Dicko and Jamie Smith on for Dicker. Virgo gets clattered in the face by an Iron player, has to go off, may have lost a couple of teeth. Cox has a good shot on goal, that’s it little fella – the goal’s there somewhere! Cox crosses, Glenn Murray SCORES! 2-0!

Mark Wright crosses for Tommy Elphick, he misses. Cox shoots again, past the post! That’s four clear-cut chances for the little ‘un. Funny as foook. Corner to Scunthorpe, amazing double save from the big Dutchman!! McLeod comes on for Cox and straightaway nearly scores. Scunny fans getting on the backs of their team – it’s a FRIENDLY. Haha! Jim McNulty is on for Jake Wright, fantastic news, I’m well happy for him.

Last ten minutes, Tunnicliffe defending well, McNulty too. Smith busy in midfield. Kuipers is masterful in goal, it’s a hard one for man of the match, Cox, Dicko, Murray, but I’m going to give it jointly to the big keeper and Mark Wright. That’s it, game over.

Final thoughts: That’s the end of the pre-season friendlies. A mixed bag, but this last game, easily the toughest on paper, has been very impressive and I think we have our starting line up for the first game of the season. It’s all over bar the shouting, now the real stuff begins – with ten months of League One football ahead of us. Loving it!

Good Old Sussex By The Sea!!!

Xenophon’s Albion Team Performance : 9 out of 10

Xenophon’s Albion Man of the Match : Michel Kuipers & Mark Wright

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold):

(4-4-2) Kuipers; Whing (El Abd 55), J Wright (McNulty 63), Elphick, Virgo (Tunnicliffe 48); M Wright, Navarro, Dicker (J Smith 45), Crofts, Cox (McLeod 55); Dickinson (Murray 45).


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