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February 23, 2013

Regular readers of this blog will know I’ve a bit of a ‘thing’ for Italy and Italian culture. The Boot inspires me foodwise, clothingwise, and of course I love their football too. One of the most fascinating aspects, and certainly least documented in the UK, is Italian youth culture, and the most enigmatic period of all – the 1980s and the Paninari.

During the height of what we brits now call Thatcherism – young urban and suburban Italians were discovering Americana, hedonism and high fashion. Starting out in a burger joint in Milan early in the decade, the Paninaro phenomenon spread to the rest of Italy and beyond, and eventually found its looks replicated on the football terraces of Merrie Olde Englande in the late 1980s.

When I was in Genoa and Turin lately, I tried tracking down the eponymous Bible of the original Paninari, ‘Paninaro’. My pidgin Italian didn’t cut it at all the independent bookstores and stalls I sought out there. So, I had to turn to that love/hate internet phenomenon – good old eBay – to find some satisfaction.

For a few Euros I picked up some original and dog-eared copies of ‘Paninaro’, direct from sellers in Italy. Flicking through these is like looking at a postcard from youthful continental holidays in my schooldays. Tanned, young and happy people, dressed to the nines in Moncler, Timberland, Best Company, and Stone Island. The 1980s were the best ten years in the history of the world, and I miss them now, I really do. Enjoy these scanned pages, their like will not be seen again anytime soon. Ciao ragazzi.

Turin: Part Two

January 18, 2013

The River Po

Well, I’m back to work again, just as the Albion have hit form again; Derby was my last live game until April. Here’s the best of the rest of my photos from Turin, as promised. I’ll be pretty quiet on here until April, and then it’s seeing the end of the Championship season in, and another game over in Italy, Sampdoria v Fiorentina. I fancy Albion to sneak the last play-off place, and Samp to stay in Serie A now they have master tactician and player puncher Delio Rossi in charge. Cheers.

The Basilica di Superga, the site of the Grande Torino air disaster in 1949

A shady cove on the banks of the Po

The memorial to Il Grande Torino on the back wall of the Superga Basilica, a very poignant place

Il Grande Torino

Great views from Superga

Result of the shopping in Turin, a nice bit of shiny Moncler, the stylish Torinese are mostly covered in this stuff at this time of year.

La Mole Antonelliana, as seen from the street

The church of the Gran Madre di Dio (one of the sets for the 1969 movie The Italian Job)

The view from the church over the Po and central Turin

The Piazza Castello

AW Moncler and Stone Island

August 4, 2010

The Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 collections are out now. Each season sees clothing obsessives checking out the top end designers and brand websites, drooling over clothes they don’t need and can’t afford, hoping some item will still be in stock in their size come the end of season sale.

Already I have eyes on two pieces of outerwear on both Moncler’s and Stone Island’s AW collections. Moncler are the definitive ‘luxury’ brand, they don’t change much, but their clothing is second to none when it comes to mountain and extreme weather wear - it looks good, extremely good. Stone Island is much reviled by many, it has been done to death in ‘football lad’ culture, but SPW still turn out the odd great piece of outerwear. Personally I don’t care what other people think about a particular brand, if I see something I like, I go for it and wear it regardless.

I won’t say which two I have dibs on, but I know I will have to budget to afford even one of these two jackets, maybe I’ll pick one up for xmas, and pick up the other if I sell some stuff on, or wait for the sale in the spring.


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