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February 23, 2013

Regular readers of this blog will know I’ve a bit of a ‘thing’ for Italy and Italian culture. The Boot inspires me foodwise, clothingwise, and of course I love their football too. One of the most fascinating aspects, and certainly least documented in the UK, is Italian youth culture, and the most enigmatic period of all – the 1980s and the Paninari.

During the height of what we brits now call Thatcherism – young urban and suburban Italians were discovering Americana, hedonism and high fashion. Starting out in a burger joint in Milan early in the decade, the Paninaro phenomenon spread to the rest of Italy and beyond, and eventually found its looks replicated on the football terraces of Merrie Olde Englande in the late 1980s.

When I was in Genoa and Turin lately, I tried tracking down the eponymous Bible of the original Paninari, ‘Paninaro’. My pidgin Italian didn’t cut it at all the independent bookstores and stalls I sought out there. So, I had to turn to that love/hate internet phenomenon – good old eBay – to find some satisfaction.

For a few Euros I picked up some original and dog-eared copies of ‘Paninaro’, direct from sellers in Italy. Flicking through these is like looking at a postcard from youthful continental holidays in my schooldays. Tanned, young and happy people, dressed to the nines in Moncler, Timberland, Best Company, and Stone Island. The 1980s were the best ten years in the history of the world, and I miss them now, I really do. Enjoy these scanned pages, their like will not be seen again anytime soon. Ciao ragazzi.


September 12, 2010

The latest edition of your friendly neighbourhood TSLR is on the newstands fact fans (no it’s not, but it is for sale at a League One ground near you). S and S have obviously had a win on the nags, as TSLR 22 is printed on shiny new professional paper – great to keep the Withdean rain off, not so good as emergency bog roll, unless you want paper cuts on your bangle.

There’s new writers on board, it’s thicker in content, and it’s STILL only £1 an issue. I have included my input here, to whet your appetite. If you missed the fanzine dealers outside Withers on Saturday they will be about at Albion’s away games, or for sale online at the TSLR blog.

Seriously though, please support the boys who put together BHAFC’s one and only fanzine, they (and us contributors), make no money producing it – it’s a labour of love – the more you support it, the better it will most certainly get.

Now that the glorious summer has ended in rain-sodden ignominy, just as the last Withdean season gets underway, it’s time to rearrange the old wardrobe. The shorts, trainers, and polo shirts have had a summer’s length of wear and tear, not least scuffing the cobbled streets of Albufeira in July. But, never fear, the true dresser welcomes the return of the dark, damp days, not just for long hauls on the rattler up to northern wastelands like Oldham, no friends, the man who spends time putting a matchday outfit together especially welcomes the Return of the Mac.

The pride of any dresser is his coat, it is his shell against the world – not just from the elements – it is his main piece of clothing, his personal branding. You can spend all you want on good shoes, jeans and the rest, but to top it off with some misshapen sack from Top Man is strictly not done, not if you want to stand out from the herd.

I’ve been checking out the Autumn/Winter 2010 collections of all the quality clothing brands, looking to add to my wardrobe before the really crap weather descends. Some are good, some ok, some shite, a discerning eye must be used before making an expensive purchase, because there’s so much out there that is wrong, and it’s cheek by jowl with the good stuff.

The look for me this winter is, as always, idiosyncratic, some vintage, some completely new, and the odd bit not usually associated with ‘casual’. I’m calling it ‘Mountaineering Paninaro’, as both these looks are spot on in the cold months, even though the closest I’ll get to climbing mountains this winter will be hiking up Tongdean Lane on matchday. Moncler are the best bet for urban hill climbers, I also recommend Fracap Japanese mountaineering boots, and dark jeans from Edwin or Nudie.

The Italian Paninari – young stylish hedonists who hung around the Hamburger joints of Milan in the 1980s in their Moncler and Armani – have always been a source of inspiration for me, no other group of people have looked so good since. Keeping with the Italian theme, I’m going to mention two (related) brands that will be decking me out this season. Stone Island are much faked, much reviled, and much boycotted by true dressers, but I still like some of their stuff, and I’ve bought and loved some recently. MA Strum is the squeaky new brand formed from the archives of the late great Stone Island/CP Company designer Massimo Osti, put together by his son and American designer Donrad Duncan. This label could be massive, have a look before everyone is wearing it.

So this season let your inner rock climber out, and remember, whatever you wear this winter, wear it well. Ciao.

Ten labels to look out for this winter (in no particular order)

  1. MA. Strum
  2. Stone Island
  3. Fracap mountaineering boots
  4. Clarks
  5. Edwin selvedge jeans
  6. Moncler
  7. Blue Harbour (M&S)
  8. Penfield
  9. Norse Projects
  10. Redwing Shoes 

Ten labels you shouldn’t be caught dead in (ever)

  1. Gio-Goi
  2. G-star raw
  3. Superdry
  4. American Apparel
  5. Replica football shirt
  6. Burberry
  7. Snide Stone Island/CP Company
  8. GAP
  9. George at ASDA
  10. Vans


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