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Southampton 0 – 0 Albion

November 24, 2010

The wobble continues. This was a tense game, I said I’d take a draw before kick-off, and if any Albionites are truly honest, they’d agree we were rather fortunate to come away with shared points against the best team in this division.

Like days of yore a coach was laid on down to scumville, so the boys got a good shant in town then another near St. Mary’s once we got off the bus at the other end of the A/M27. The drink was trouble free, and quite a few Saints scarfers were chatting about the game with us. They fancied our chances, while we fancied theirs, all very matey despite the ranks of police mobbed up along the road.

At the game we joined 3105 other away fans in one half of the Northam Stand, separated from the home support by one of those daft plastic netting sheet jobbies. The banter was good, and the atmosphere electric in the nearly full stadium. It was with beer-injected trepidation that I watched the game kick off.

The scummers battered us in the first half, no contest. They were first to every ball, and did to us what we did to Charlton and Peterborough, everything but the most crucial – find the net. How we got in at half-time 0-0 I’ll never know. Kishishev was the one bright spark, throwing himself in front of shots, tackling and clearing his lines. Before I go on, he was my man of the match by a very large margin.

Second half Southampton tired, and slowly we started tippy-tapping our way back into this one-sided affair. The introduction of Glenn Murray was the catalyst for our best spell in the whole game, and the big laconic genius duly went over – as he does – and won a barely deserved penalty. The gap between the home and away fans narrowed somewhat after we celebrated winning the fucker, and then they celebrated Chris Wood miss the fucker (or Davis saving if you’re of the scum persuasion).

So, while the first half was 95% Southampton, the second was about 55% to them, a fine recovery and, as the cliche goes, a very hard-earned away point was ours. The trip home up the crappiest road in the south – the A27 – took an age and I was glad to see my pit. All in all a great night out at the football, but I wish it had been a Saturday afternoon fixture instead.

The Hovian’s Team performance :  6 out 10

The Hovian’s Man of the Match : Radostin Kishishev

Attendance : 26237 (3105 Albionites)

Npower League One table

Wednesday, 24 November 2010 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full Npower League One table
1 Brighton 18 17 36
2 Charlton 18 7 32
3 Bournemouth 18 16 30
4 Sheff Wed 18 14 30
5 Huddersfield 18 9 29
6 Colchester 18 2 29
7 Southampton 18 10 28
8 Oldham 17 6 28
9 Carlisle 18 8 27
10 Peterborough 18 -3 26
11 Exeter 18 -4 26
12 MK Dons 18 -5 26
13 Brentford 18 0 25
14 Hartlepool 17 -4 23
15 Plymouth 18 -6 22
16 Bristol R 18 -7 22
17 Tranmere 18 -7 22
18 Rochdale 17 2 21
19 Leyton Orient 18 0 21
20 Swindon 18 -4 21
21 Notts County 17 -7 19
22 Dag & Red 18 -13 15
23 Yeovil 18 -16 15
24 Walsall 18 -15 14

Sheffield Wednesday 1 – 0 Albion

August 22, 2010

A long  journey yesterday, ultimately unsatisfactory. It started well enough on the train up – plenty of Guinness, and after a swift pint near Sheffield station, then a couple more in the away-fan friendly Horse and Jockey, into the Leppings Lane stand for 2.30pm.

The crowd of 18,674, including about 1500 Albionites, wasn’t the loudest, with our lot very subdued. But Hillsborough is a lovely old ground, even when half-full. I only managed these four pictures, after an over-zealous clem of a steward threatened to get me evicted when he saw my camera – citing copyright laws.

Wednesday are a better side than us, and it showed for large parts of this match. They are strong, fast and attack using the full width of the park; have no doubt – this team will be thereabouts next May, top three, possibly Champions. That’s not to say we were poor, because being ever so slightly outclassed we still battled well, even after the home side should have seen red twice.

Albion did enough to earn a point, but we were never going to beat Wednesday. Angerken had a good afternoon – he needed one – but wasn’t close to their well taken goal. The back four were edgy, especially El-Abd, who was visibly unnerved after fatboy Mellor floored him early on and walked away without even mild rebuke from the ref. Captaincy has improved Inigo Calderon’s game, but he still doesn’t look like the flying full back of last season.

It was in another battling midfield display that our best players were – Smith, Dicker, and Kishishev, the latter being my man of the match again. Murray and Barnes had a tough time against a very solid Sheffield back four, the most impressive part of a very good side.

I was lucky getting home – leaving just before the 90 was up I walked past the lines of coppers and only just caught the eye of a speeding Hackney cab driver. He got me to Sheffield station in time for the 1725 to St. Pancras, the tubes were kind and after getting a bottle of plonk at Victoria I was back in the house drinking it by 9:30pm, result.

The Hovian’s Team performance :  6 out 10

The Hovian’s Man of the Match :  Radostin Kishishev

Npower League One table

Sunday, 22 August 2010 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full Npower League One table
1 Carlisle 3 5 7
2 Oldham 3 4 7
3 Charlton 3 3 7
4 Sheff Wed 3 3 7
5 Bournemouth 3 6 6
6 Peterborough 3 1 6
7 Walsall 3 1 6
8 Hartlepool 3 2 5
9 Colchester 3 1 5
10 Huddersfield 3 1 4
11 Brighton 3 0 4
12 Plymouth 3 0 4
13 Bristol R 3 -2 4
14 MK Dons 2 -2 3
15 Yeovil 3 -2 3
16 Notts County 3 -5 3
17 Exeter 2 0 2
18 Swindon 3 -1 2
19 Rochdale 3 -1 2
20 Southampton 2 -1 1
21 Leyton Orient 3 -3 1
22 Brentford 3 -3 1
23 Tranmere 3 -4 1
24 Dag & Red 2 -3 0

Albion 2 – 2 Rochdale

August 14, 2010

The horror, the horror. Let’s get it out there right now – Casper Angerken had a horrowshow out there today, it was of Robert Green proportions, and it came in the last minute of extra-time when ten Albionites were hanging on bravely for a well-earned three points. Mitch Walker should be stood up right now, both Poke and Angerken have thrown one in each already, get the young lad in there until Brezovan is fit again.

So, the first game of the last Withdean season has been played. It pissed down as per the script, although the sun came out to recharge a crap Rochdale team in the second half. Albion’s indifferent form at Withdean was evident, along with our indiscipline, both a hangover from last season. I didn’t see Gordon Greer getting a straight red, but I was assured that the Rochdale sub ‘simulated’ an assault on his person. El-Abd was ample cover but Jamie Smith, who was very lively, had to make way.

We played just as well with ten men, Bennett scored his trademark net buster, and Murray worried and harried well, linking up nicely with Ash Barnes. But for a complete rick by Angerken this would have been a comfortable win. The silver lining is that we can play well even with ten, and the team spirit is just about right. We’ll beat these easy up there. Man of the match? Close between Murray, Painter, Kishishev and Gary Dicker, but the Bulgarian wins it for a fearless display in front of the back four that disguises the fact he’s an old fart of 36.

Game on next Saturday at Hillsborough (I’m there), should be a cracking game.

The Hovian’s Team performance :  7 out 10

The Hovian’s Man of the Match :  Radostin Kishishev

Npower League One table

Saturday, 14 August 2010 17:09 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full Npower League One table
1 Oldham 2 4 6
2 Charlton 2 3 6
3 Huddersfield 2 3 4
4 Carlisle 2 2 4
5 Sheff Wed 2 2 4
6 Brighton 2 1 4
7 Plymouth 2 1 4
8 Bournemouth 2 3 3
9 MK Dons 1 1 3
10 Walsall 2 0 3
11 Yeovil 2 0 3
12 Peterborough 2 -1 3
13 Bristol R 2 -2 3
14 Colchester 2 0 2
15 Hartlepool 2 0 2
16 Rochdale 2 0 2
17 Exeter 1 0 1
18 Swindon 2 -1 1
19 Tranmere 2 -1 1
20 Southampton 1 -1 0
21 Dag & Red 1 -2 0
22 Leyton Orient 2 -3 0
23 Brentford 2 -3 0
24 Notts County 2 -6 0

Albion 1 – 0 Aberdeen

August 1, 2010

Great little game this, played in front of a tiny crowd at Withers. What’s wrong with people? It was only a tenner a ticket for this one, I would have thought a bit of relief away from the summer shops and/or the wife and kids would have been more attractive, especially in this weather. Anyway.

I was sitting, probably for the last time ever, over in the North Stand. The tired old arena looks odd from this viewpoint, but ‘The Theatre of Trees’ was probably named by some wag North Stand regular, as the ground looks like it’s been cleared from some encroaching temperate jungle from here.

Mark McGhee got a more than affectionate welcome from both sides of Withdean when he appeared onto a pitch he knows so well, and the few hundred travelling Aberdeen fans sat in the East Stands appreciated the applause.

In our Portugal match against Portimonense we were given a bit of a lesson before the match was abandoned. Yesterday, just like against Sunderland over there, the team showed that when we play against typically British kick-and-rush exponents we look classy, continental even.

Aberdeen, a team with an impeccable (though distant) pedigree in Europe, looked very ordinary. The best gauge to measure how your team is doing is to watch the opposition fans in the stands. I was miles away from Blocks T and U, but I could still see a few jocks getting very shirty near the end of this game.

I don’t want to get carried away, but surely this team will perform in League One this year? The bookies fancy us to do well, if we keep relatively injury-free we should be thereabouts come May 2011.

The outstanding players yesterday were mostly in midfield. Bennett hit his trademark screamer, Sparrow and Navarro were neat and effective, especially Navs, who is a brilliant little campaigner. When our subs were made Gary Dicker was superb, giving Poyet headaches for selection this year. ‘Chino’ Baz is a player who gets the lovers of all things flair drooling at the mouth, his attempted overhead scissor kick was outrageous, pure class.

But it’s toss up between old man Kishishev and young urchin Jamie Smith for my man of the match. Kish is a wily old pro, if his legs hold up he will be making headlines regularly this season. Jamie Smith doesn’t look like a footballer - he’s an odd shape, has bouncy hair and is carrying a bit of puppy fat – but his close ball skills are as good as anybody’s and he gave Aberdeen all sorts of problems yesterday. So Smith just edges Kishishev for Man of the Match.

I’m annoyed that I’m missing the trip to Swindon next Saturday, as they will be a big test of this exciting new team. Relegation will not be an issue for the Albion this time around, nor do I think we will be headed for mid-table mediocrity, how far we do go is anybody’s guess, but I think we have the staff and playing style to go very far indeed.

The Hovian’s Team performance :  9 out 10

The Hovian’s Man of the Match :  Jamie Smith

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold) :

(4-5-1)Poke (Walker 77); Calderon (Whing 77), Elphick, Greer, Painter; Navarro (Battipiedi 77), Kishishev (Dicker 69), Sparrow; Smith (Baz 77), Barnes (Murray 77), Bennett (Holroyd 77).

Attendance: 2812 (516 Aberdeen)


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