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October 19, 2012

The Seagull Love Review #42 is for sale at Falmer tomorrow at the Middlesbrough game. Still a pound a copy, still the only BHAFC fanzine around, and still going strong. Lots of places to buy a mag around the concourse before the match, just keep your eyes peeled in the 25000 strong crowd (still gets me that, 25K to see the Albion? Not me personally though, I’m abroad once more).

The fanzine will also be available to Albionites everywhere else around the globe via the TSLR website, where you can buy subscriptions, back issues, Build a Bonfire, and other bits and bobs of BHAFC fan culture. Check it out.



September 11, 2012

The last issue of The Seagull Love Review SOLD OUT. That’s right, not a copy was left in the basement at TSLR Towers. I think that’s a first; I could be wrong and I’m not arsed enough to ask Sam & Stef if it is, but even if it isn’t – thanks to all Albionites who dug out a Great British Pound for their own copy of our (and it seems your) favourite fanzine.

Issue number 41 is at the printers now and will be on sale at home to Sheffield Wednesday on Friday night at Falmer. Grab hold of one of the snot-nosed little pocket dippers who are doing such a good job of firstly giving TSLR a more prominent profile around the ground, and secondly selling it. It keeps them from twocking cars and robbing houses, everyone’s a winner.

As the fanzine is becoming more established (in a synchronous relationship with the club itself), TSLR HQ have decided to introduce MERCHANDISE to the 20,000 of you who now fill the stands at our magnificent new home. Check the TSLR online shoppe and their excellent blog for more details.

I’m still contributing to the fanzine, which is increasingly harder to do as I haven’t been home for a competitive game since April; but I will be around later this month and next, and will be able to fully rate my new seat view from the East Stand Upper. Oh, and I’m off to Genoa in two weeks to watch Sampdoria v Torino in Serie A, so that will get a write up for issue 42, God willing.

Thanks to everyone who continues to buy The Seagull Love Review, give yourselves a great big group hug.

STAND Against Modern Football #1

August 24, 2012

Get it while it’s hot

It’s finally here, the most anticipated publication since the Almighty took a hammer and chisel to two great big fuck off stone tablets on top of Mount Sinai, and said to Moses “Ere y’are lad”. The first issue ever of Stand – Against Modern Football is finished and on sale now; and the Lord said “from small acorns shall grow mighty oaks”. Here’s a link to the site where you can buy it:

You’ll notice the cover is a picture of the protests at The Goldstone Ground during the dark days of Archer and Bellotti, very apt I think.

Rolling of the press

I wrote a piece in issue 40 of The Seagull Love Review about STAND, as the guys behind this new national fanzine are mates of mine and the TSLR boys, who themselves do a stirling job producing Brighton’s one and only fanzine.  STAND’s Tumblr have reposted my TSLR article here. Buy a copy of TSLR at the match to read more about it. Actually, buy both of the bloody things and let’s get Albion fans at the heart of what we hope will be a popular, fan-led movement to bring a bit of sanity back into the higher levels of the professional game of football.

I have written a 1500 word article in this first issue of STAND about the Albion, our struggles from Archer through to those NIMBY bastards on Lewes Council, and to hopefully show that not all modern stadiums and club stories are doom and gloom, and that there are still things in the modern game that are worthy and benign – and the current state of Brighton & Hove Albion is definitely one of them. We, as a club, are still among the good guys, and that’s something to be proud of in my opinion.

After all, Brighton fans wrote the rule books about fan power, taking on the shysters, the clowns, and the fucking crooks who always seem to weasel their way into football clubs and associations. We’re old hands at this kind of thing. And that’s why Build a Bonfire and We Want Falmer are such important books about this fight for the soul of the game. So get STAND AMF bought, contribute, spread the word.

The Seagull Love Review in 64 seconds

August 18, 2012

This made me laugh a wee bit

Remember to buy it, it’s on sale at Hull today and at Falmer Tuesday night


August 13, 2012

Buy a fanzine from our new sales team

It’s the season to be hopeful. Some exciting summer signings, the return of the Dagger of Benicalap, and of course The Seagull Love Review is out once more, and best of all – yours truly has come out of semi-retirement to write a column again.

This season the boys have changed printers, and – gasp – the magazine will be in technicolour, that’s right, there are coloured pages being prepared as we speak.

A common gripe among Albionites has been “I want to buy the fanzine, but fucked if I can find a seller at Falmer”. Well, this year TSLR have trained up an army of little council estate urchins to help sell the mag in more areas around the ground than ever before, and they will be paid with a thick ear and enough loose change to buy a bag of boiled sweets, so everyone’s a winner.

Issue 40 (Yes, FORTY) will be for sale away at Swindon in the cup game Tuesday night, Hull away on Saturday 18th, and again at home from an urchin on Tuesday 21st at the Cardiff match. The fanzine goes from strength to strength, but it needs your support as Albion fans to keep it going – fanzines are everything to football that Soccer AM, Russian Billionaires, Oil Sheikhs and 200K a week dickhead footballers aren’t, support your local FANzine – The Seagull Love Review.

Cigars all round

June 1, 2012

The Seagull Love Review, the Voice Of Albion Fandom©, has been rewarded for years of turning out BHAFC’s only living fanzine, by being shortlisted in the Best Fanzine category in the 2012 FSF Football Writers Awards. It’s a remarkable achievement when you look at the fanzines they are sharing the plaudits with. United We Stand for instance is ipso facto a glossy football magazine, and boasts the Daily Telegraph’s Jim Write as a regular writer. This is no mean feat.

Sam & Stef, TSLR’s joint editors, have been producing the fanzine on a shoestring budget from the Withdean days, and have been a permanent fixture home and away selling copies up and down grounds in three different leagues. As I’ve said before, football fanzines are part of the very essence of the unique football culture on these islands and they should be lauded, especially when they are as good as our very own TSLR.

So, a big round of applause to everyone involved with banging the rag out every season, and if you’re reading this as an Albionite who hasn’t bought a copy or got involved, then look out for the fanzines sellers on the concourses around Falmer next season, and start buying. Cheers.


January 12, 2012

The latest production of The Seagull Love Review is out this Saturday at Falmer v Bristol City. The Albion’s only current fanzine is going from strength to strength this season, and that’s down to two things – 1, it’s a quality read, and 2, it gets great support from the fans of BHAFC. The price remains one pound, that’s a third of the price of the official matchday programme, so it’s always worth a punt.

I was going to attend the FA Cup replay at Wrexham next Tuesday night, but have to cry off because of transport problems, those of you who do go – have a good time. I know you will because Wrexham and the Albion are on a bit of a love-in at the minute, after their big weekend in our beautiful twin city recently. Enjoy the Brizzle match and hunt down a fanzine seller somewhere outside the stadium.

Chrimbo reading

December 14, 2011

Burnley on Saturday is my first visit to Falmer since West Ham in October, shocking. There are new ‘Christmas Pies’ for sale at the ground, but more importantly The Seagull Love Review (TSLR) number 35 is out as well. The only BHAFC fanzine has really taken off since the move from Withdean, it seems the nu-fans also enjoy an irreverent Albion-ish read on the bog too. And why not? It’s a damn good read.

The mag will be for sale in and around the concourse outside, and it’s still just one pound a copy, great value. If like me you’re a bad fan and miss too many games, you can buy a copy online at TSLR’s blog.

As for the match itself, it’s a tough one, Burnley have a decent away record, and the Albion – well, we’re still adjusting to this division, there’s a big gulf between the Championship and League One. Accepting 7th place at this point would seem prudent, but when the scummers are doing so well it makes you wonder “What happened?”. But, we’re stalking the play-offs nicely, although I think even they might be a bridge too far this campaign.

Enjoy the match and buy the fanzine, Forza!!

Checking in, fanzine’s out

November 17, 2011

Hello rat fans. I’m still far and away from home shores, but I’ve just got interweb facilities, so I’m checking up on all things Albion.

TSLR 34 is out this Saturday and available to buy in Scumhampton, home of that lovable South Coast Club – Stains FC. I haven’t seen the Albion lose at St Marys, and I’m not about to start this weekend either; saying that, I do fancy us getting something over there, they can’t keep that 100% home win run going ALL season, can they?

The latest fanzine is in TECHNICOLOUR, although my artwork (see above, that’s meant to be Liam Bridcutt by the way) is still in B&W for the fanzine purists among our TSLR readers.

I hope to be home again sometime before Xmas, but I haven’t a clue when. Good luck to those who are going to the match on Saturday, and make sure you put ONE POUNDAGE into the pocket of your nearest TSLR vendor.


September 6, 2011

Thanks to everyone who bought the last copy (issue 31) of The Seagull Love Review. As expected the big crowd at the new stadium meant for bigger sales, far bigger, so give yourself a pat on the back for supporting your only current Albion fanzine.

I’m away all this week and next, so I’ll miss the Bristol City and probably the Leicester games, hopefully to be back for the Liverpool match. The latest TSLR will be on sale at Ashton Gate this Saturday, treat yourself and buy a copy – it’s still only ONE POUND, outstanding value for money. Those of you like me who will be absent Saturday, the fanzine will be on sale at other games home and away until next month, or you can buy one online at TSLR’s most excellent blog here.

Half of my contribution is above, and I’ve got a regular column there too, there’s some great writers on board this season, check it out.


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